Phelps House Part 2

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Ok so I didn’t let you down yesterday, I am back today with part 2 of the Phelps House. Yesterday I went over the first floor and loaded you up with pictures and history. Well I’m back today to do more of the same. I sure hope you don’t mind because I am a history nerd. It fascinates me, well if it is interesting, if it is about weird things that they question you about during history tests in college, yeah not so interested I guess.

So now we are on the second floor. The Phelps society have added air conditioner to the first floor with central AC. On the second floor, they use these rooms for bridal party changing. All of these rooms have Window AC units that they turn on while there is a bridal party using it. They have 2 rooms that are allotted for the ladies and one for the guys. Again they tried to keep it tried and true. This picture of a doorknob is actually an original Crystal Doorknob in the house. All the doorknobs upstairs are these Crystal Doorknobs.

Now apparently even guys back in the late 1800’s early 1900’s were fascinated with technology. Let’s say you went upstairs to the second floor where all the family slept and you realized you left lights on downstairs. Instead of going downstairs to turn them all off, you’d pull this button in this box which would override all the light circuits downstairs and shut them all off. Pretty cool huh?

This was one of the showers upstairs. There wasn’t a shower curtain or even a rod for one so I’m not sure if they had shower curtains or not.

This is one of the rooms that the bridal party can use to change in. Look they had their own fireplace. Super jealous!

And that room (previous picture) was connected to this room through the bathroom. Every 2 rooms shared a bathroom. This is also one of the rooms that the bridal parties can use as well, but Judy also said that a lot of brides love having pictures taken in this room. In the afternoon the light comes through those windows and being a white room it has a lot of natural light that goes with it. It was just beautiful.

And there it is connected to the other room with a “Water closet”. Plus you could enter all the water closets through a door that was out in the main part of the second floor.
Can you see all the natural light in this room. It was outstanding.

This is the room that Judy said most of the guys use to change clothes in.
Here is another view of this room. I so needed a wide angle lens but I was using the Nikon Point and shoot so wide angle lens was not an option.

This was the kids room if you can’t tell from this picture.

These stairs lead upstairs to the third floor which contains the ballroom and the servants rooms. There was that rope there so I was afraid we couldn’t go upstairs to look but Judy let us. I’m so glad she did!

This is the ceiling of the ballroom. Judy told us that it is as close to the original paint job as they’ve come so far and that it has just recently been painted. Neither PC or I were paying attention when she said who painted it because we really just wanted to go upstairs and look 🙂

Here is a shot of the ballroom.

And another shot. Shhhh don’t tell my mom she got in this picture or she’ll shoot me. haha!

This was the servants quarters. To either side of this small area were the rooms. And as you can see there are their stairs that take them down to the backside of the kitchen.

Even as servants stairs these stairs are just fascinating!

Here is one of the servants quarters. You can tell they aren’t nearly as elaborate as the families quarters.

And here is the other room. Missouri was right on the edge of the line between slaves and non-slaves. Some home owners had them, some did not. Apparently MO was a toss-up state. However being the late 1800’s slavery had been abolished but Judy never said if the servants were white servants or black servants. (Not that it matters, I just think it would be cool to know, I like my history.)

Granted this is back down on the main floor but in yesterday’s post where I said you walk through the door, to the left is the Ladies Parlor and the right is the Gentleman’s, well this is looking at the doors. It was actually a set of double doors you went through.

This is outside the house. It has a front wrap around porch that you can see in other pictures of the outside. It isn’t a complete wrap around but either way, it’s GORGEOUS!

This just looked like a gorgeous place for a photo opportunity 🙂

And here we are together 🙂

This is from one corner of the driveway. I got a better photo of the outside though 🙂 Never fear. I want to report it accurately to you 😉

Here is the sign outside. Yeah I blotted out the phone number but if you are ever in my direction and want that number, email me, I’ll hook you up 🙂

Here is the outside shot. This was also in Wednesday’s Post too. As you can see there’s the porch and where it wraps around.

Ain’t we little stinkers 😉

Just like trying to get the church we ran into issues getting the Phelps House for the reception, but it all worked out in the end. The day we called the photographer we wanted she got booked for our wedding day. The day we called to reserve this it almost got reserved out from under us, but yey, it didn’t. We did have to find a different photographer though. Oh well I actually got a friend who has a photography business on the side. And had another friend trying to get into the business do our engagement photos. He’s the other friends back up for the wedding.

Now I have to give you some cute little fact… hmm…. hmmm…. oh I’ve got it. Follow this if you can: We are getting married in the same church as my mom & dad, using the same reception hall as my aunt & uncle on my grandparents wedding anniversary :). To add to that… follow this if you can :). When my aunt and uncle got married I was their flower girl. I was 7. They got married 20 years ago this year. I’m now 27 which I believe was the age my uncle was when they got married. Now I have a 7 year old flower girl in our wedding. So when Tbug is 27 she should get married and have some girl be 7 as her flower girl… or something like that. Yeah to much thinking for a Saturday, I’m going to go lie down before I hurt myself. Oh no, wait I’m going to an estate sale. 🙂

Peace, Love, & Sevens

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  1. Very cool! The family history of your wedding day is really neat. I got married on my husband's grandparent's anniversary and it makes it all a little more special.

  2. THAT is so cool!

    First of all I am thinking about all the beautiful pictures you can take while you're getting ready! I can seriously see your dress hanging up in that room, and the shot you will get! It will be incredible! ahhh! You're so lucky!

    7 is your lucky number!

  3. Thank you so much for that tour. I think I'll dream about living there and being rich tonight. 😉

  4. Wow, what a beautiful site for a wedding reception! I am a history nut too so I love to see historical homes like this one! It is gorgeous and the pictures should be phenomenal! Good luck!

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