One Year Ago… Part XIII

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I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me and took off for my bed where the phone was laying. I saw the number and couldn’t help but grin to myself, “Hello?”

-Hey there, I was just driving down the road and couldn’t stop thinking about you.
-Yeah I just got out of the shower, can you hold on while I dry off real fast and put my clothes on?

Ha I was so giddy. I couldn’t help myself. You seriously hear stories of guys who say they’ll call and they don’t or the rule of not calling for so many days, or just a number of things, but boy this one was different.

-Ok Thanks, I’m back now, not dripping water all over the floor!
-No problem. I was just sitting here and wanted to hear your voice so I thought I’d give you a holler.
-Where are you?
-Somewhere on 60. At this point it all pretty much looks the same.
-I’m sorry you got out of here so late, that’ll have you driving late.
-I’m not sorry, I’m happy and I’ve made this trip so many times, I could make it in my sleep.
-Yeah don’t do that, you tried that once and it almost didn’t end so good for ya, please keep your eyes open at all times!
-Don’t worry I plan on it.

So we continued along talking until his dad started calling him to check on him. He said he’d better answer or his dad would think something bad had happened. I hung up the phone and I swear my small break down was over and all I could do was grin!

Of course the next day at work all the girls wanted to know how the date went. I was like it was great and with the grin they started laughing at me.

That next week was a lot of time spent talking through gtalk, texts and phone calls. He finally asked me again if I planned on coming to his sisters house on Saturday night for the party or not. I figured sure why not.

Thursday July 30th was my 26th birthday. A group of my friends, my parents and I went out to celebrate my birthday. On our way to town to eat dinner we kept texting each other. In fact he’d called me first thing that morning to be the first one to say Happy Birthday. My friend Jason beat him to it with a text at 12:40ish. But he was second. While at dinner I left my phone in my pocket on vibrate but after dinner headed back home the texting resumed. He wanted to know how my day went and where we ate dinner. What I had for dinner and how it was. Just anything and everything. Then he asked me if I liked Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yup, completely random.

Friday he used some vacation time and wound up coming home early. I had gone to town after work with my parents to have dinner at about 7:30-8ish and as we were headed home I got a text from him saying that he was in town and that he was going to his sisters house. If I wanted to come over tonight, there were a bunch of them just hanging around outside and to head over.

I went :).

I pulled into her driveway and he came to greet me at my car. Good thing because I didn’t really want to walk up to a bunch of strangers alone!

I was re-introduced to his mother, met his sister and her husband and then a bunch of people I’m still not sure if I know who they are to this day. Then, I met his daughter. She didn’t say much to me and ran off with the other kids but it made it all so real. I’ll admit it was kind of a little scary to me. It made it all real that he had a daughter, not that I didn’t believe him but still. I’ve never felt like I was “old” enough for a kid.

Anyway as the night progressed along I became a little more at ease with everything (new people and the fact he had a daughter) and I relaxed. I finally sat down next to his mother and his dog came and plopped down in my lap. She found a home for a good portion of the night.

Now I forgot to mention this part, when I got there that night my phone was on the verge of dying. I tried to plug it into my car charger but it wouldn’t accept it and charge so I went into his sisters house and plugged it into her computer to get some charge on it. A couple hours after I did that I was afraid I’d leave my phone there or something would happen to it (all the kids were in the house playing and I just didn’t want it broken) so I ran inside to grab my phone.

The kids had glow sticks out and were playing with them like light sabers. I walked into the living room and 2 little boys attacked me from either side with the saber. I played along and screamed and said, don’t hurt me! And I’ll never forget his daughter looked at the 2 little boys and said, “Don’t touch her, that might be my daddy’s new girlfriend.”

Wow that was a shocker! Me, I was still gunshy at this point and told him I didn’t want any kind of commitment or anything. I just wanted time to heal but that I loved being around him so we’d just go that route and see what progressively happened. He said he understood and to take my time. He was ok with that and then this happened. I was speechless.

I walked back outside leaned against a truck. He walked over to me and slid right in next to me and said, what’s up? I looked at him, grinned and said, would you like to hear what your daughter said? He looked at me with an Oh, Crap look on his face and said, um….. okay. I told him and I thought he was looking for a hole to go crawl in. I laughed and said, nah it’s okay, she’s fine! He apologized profusely and I told him to forget about it.

I finally went home around midnight or 1am. It was getting late and I was tired. He asked if I was still planning on coming to the party the next day and I said absolutely.

To be continued 🙂
See I give you short spells, I don’t want you to get bored reading it all at once 🙂

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