Reminiscing the ole iPhone Photos

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I finally got my iPhone last June and absolutely LOVE it!! Today I was looking through some of the early photos on it and here’s what I came up with:

These were my bottle triplets. Their mommy died less than a week after they were born so I became mommy.

Last summer I got into painting my toenails. This was for the 4th of July. I thought it was cool at least. I also did beach toes, stripes, polka dots, zebra stripes, bees, John Deere and whatever else tickled my fancy.

I was just playing with my phone and walking around getting Prince Charming (my now fiance, my then friend) photos of our animals. This is Squirty girl.

This was in August when my parents went to Hawaii and left me here to take care of animals. Squirty & Mini Me were sick with colds. Kalem & Josh came over to help me take care of animals.

This is Morelli and Millie. Millie is the one who looks like a mop. She’s a Cocker Spaniel but you sure can’t tell it by her mane.

Ma & Pa Kettle as my mom calls them or else Cricket & Munchkin.

This is Joey or Joe, whichever. I so swear it looks like he’s talking in this photo.

Muddy Mudflap (aka Mudflap) when he was a puppy. He came to join us in May (he was my dad’s Father’s Day present a month early) and this was probably early July.

This was the first photo taken on my iPhone courtesy of Kalem.

This is Buff. Yes he is a Buffalo. He unfortunately died this winter. We aren’t sure what killed off all our Male buffalo… it was weird. They ran with the cows and they we’re calm as long as you didn’t crowd them. The original Buffalo Trio were named Moe, Larry & Curley but when the other 2 died this one got named Buff.

This is Blondie. She’s my mare. I just need to break her to ride… any takers?

Ok I’ll quit uploading photos off my phone. I think truthfully there are 344 now… I need to get some of them off there!

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