How's this for a Weekend?

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Whew!  Did anyone else’s weekend seem to fly by?  I guess maybe because I was on the road so much this weekend?  Don’t believe me?  Just keep-a-readin!  Ok and so this weekends adventure is via iPhone photos & instagram just so you know.

This was the weekend we took our mare to Texas to get bred.  We were headed down in the Ft. Worth area.  Here I am headed to my parents house after work.  Boy Missouri looks brown in the winter time!

When I got to the house hubby was finishing up feeding cattle for my dad.  Dad was hooking up the trailer, we unloaded unnecessary things (you know, lighten the load), mom was in the house packing up their luggage and me, well I was running around taking photos.  Although I didn’t last real long b/c dang was it chilly!  Hubby wanted to be on the road by 6pm.  I’d say we didn’t do to bad!

Driving down the road my parents start talking about the horse trailer.

Dad: This trailer has made a lot of trips down this way on a Friday night.
Mom: Yeah
Dad: If it could talk, man it’d have some stories to tell.
Mom: If the trailer could talk…..
Hubby: It’d ask why you ripped the cord out of it.

Yes we had a mishap while hooking up the trailer and the light cord got messed up.  No biggie, 10 minutes of rewiring on hubby’s part and we were back up and running!

It didn’t take much time and it was dark.  This is somewhere between home and Vinita, OK (the first toll road booth).

And speaking of toll booths… here we are.

We usually head down 69 hwy as opposed to going through OKC when headed to Ft. Worth.  So in Pryor, OK there is this awesome restaurant called JL’s BBQ.  Oh my gosh.  To die for.  And if you walk away hungry, it’s your own dang fault 🙂

We’ve been telling hubby about this place since 2009, but every time we’d get the chance to eat here, it was a Sunday and they were closed.  Finally, he got to try it!

I loved the sign to show you where to go for the bathrooms 🙂

We had to be at the stud farm (does anyone think of Beverly Hillbillies movie when I say that?) by noon on Saturday.  That’s why we left on Friday night since it’s a 6-7 hr drive give or take.  We stopped in around Denton, TX for the night.  That put us about hour and a half or so out to drive on Saturday morning.

Now, when you’re headed in to Ft. Worth, y’all know about the Texas Motor Speedway right?  Just threw that in for all the racing fans 🙂

This was driving down the road the farm was on.  It was awesome!

Boy, it seemed so weird leaving Squirty there.  She’s dad’s baby!  But he allowed us to lease her for this colt.

After we dropped her off around 10am, we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves.  So finally we all agreed to head to Ft. Worth to a grocery store called Central Market.  Ok seriously, this store is friggin awesome, and maybe to locals it’s like ok, big deal, but for someone who doesn’t have the most options (ie Wal-mart or hellmart as some of you call it) this store is so impressive!  It sure was busy though!

OK Holy cow, can we say those are huge shrimp?  I thought so anyway 🙂

Then I got caught taking a photo of this.  They didn’t get on to me or anything, just asked if I needed help… LOL.  But Habanero Monterey Jack Cheese.  Really?  Then the guy and I got to talking and he suggested taking home to my uncle (who loves hot things) Habanero Jalapeno Cheddar.  So we got him some.  If that doesn’t burn his butt, I’m not sure anything ever will.

After World Market & Central Market it was lunch time.  We decided to eat at Hoffbrau’s.  OMG, I don’t remember ever eating here but my dad says I have.  Anyway look at this soup.  How yummy does that look?  It was Broccoli Jalapeno Cheddar Soup.  It was scrumptious :).  I bet you thought I’d say yummy, didn’t you?

After lunch we were trying to decide what to do next when I suggested heading to Pilot Point to Paul Taylor Saddle Company.  Now this is like the Wal-Mart of tack companies.  They have everything.  Turns out they close at 3 on Saturday’s and we got there at 3:15.  Pat knows dad and let us run in real fast to do a quick run around since hubby’s never been there before, then we headed on down the road.

Eventually we decided to head to Tulsa and stay the night.

Look at this gorgeous sunset.  Gotta love ’em!  And truthfully, this photo doesn’t do it justice!

Because we were over on 69, we jumped on the Indian Nation Turnpike to get us over to Tulsa.  When we got to the toll booth, mom said she was going to turn on the light so she could get some money.  The next thing we knew, the sunroof (my dad’s truck has a sunroof, yes) started coming open.  It’s 23 degrees outside and mom was opening the sunroof.  Dad’s like, Um… I don’t think that’s the light there hunny.  Mom said, well, If the light was on, I wouldn’t have trouble finding the darn button.  Gotta love it :).

We woke up Sunday morning and decided to grab breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Man, could you imagine drinking that much coffee?

After that we killed a little time at one of the grocery stores that I’ve come to love in Tulsa, Reasor’s.  Have I ever told you how much I love grocery stores?  Wal-Mart doesn’t count!  An actual Grocery Store.  You walk in and they just have this smell to them.  Anyway after that we left and went to Drysdale’s and finally headed home.

It was great because just before the Toll Booth at Vinita, we got out from under the cloud bank that was headed this direction.  Then when we got home, just on the horizon we could see the cloud bank creeping our direction.  Isn’t it great… LOL.

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  1. That is a huge cup!! My husband would love that cheese. And yes, there seems to be a lot of big things from Texas throughout your pictures. I guess what they say is true.

  2. Been to Texas a few times. And yep they make everything bigger there. hahaha. Love that “2P” sign. Rich took me to the bar from Top Gun (it's in San Diego) anyway…I have the card from it. On the front the business name. On the back…”Gone to pee don't f#$@ with my drink.” hahahaha.

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