OSHA 10 Hr

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When I was hired for my job, one of the questions in the interview I was asked was, What do you know about OSHA. I was like, um… I can tell you what the initials stand for :). yeah, I knew nothing, unfortunately, but hey I still got the job… must have helped that I have a college degree (not in OSHA though.. haha but of all things, Agriculture…..), yeah maybe not… Maybe it was my willingness to learn… well whatever it was I got the job. When they offered the job to me, they said I might have to attend some different classes to learn some of this stuff. Hey no problem for me, oddly enough I like learning things I don’t know. I’m thinking at times that makes me a nerd but whatever… call it what you want. I was at this job (not the company just the job) a year last November. I’ve been learning as I go. I’ve met lots of people through email and phone and throw my co-workers off when they blurt out a name and 95% of the time I can blurt out the branch or visa versa but I deal on this on a pretty consistent basis.

In the first part of January, I was hit up by 2 co-workers to help take on a project. One of them is based out of our office but lives in New England, Dave & the other is based out of one of the Illinois branches, Colby. Colby is certified to conduct OSHA training and we were going to host one here for our company based on our company issues.

I got to order bunches of products with someone else’s money, I got to locate a doctor to come speak, I got to book things, I got to come up with lists of participants… boy it put all my planning skills to work, and I’m not sure I even thought I had any. Well, then it was brought up that since I’d never been through OSHA training, I got to also be a participant. I was cool with that idea :). The part I was most excited about, putting names, branches & faces with some of these people I talk to all the time through email and the telephone. When we did one of our initial ice breaker games, people heard my name and kept introducing themselves to me. It was GREAT!!!

Hey the cool part, I was able to answer a few questions on the games (no I didn’t cheat, I didn’t read the questions ahead of time) which caused me to win an umbrella, a coffee mug, a key chain & a hat plus….. I took the test and did excellent! I can now say I took & passed & am OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Course certified :)… I have the card & certificate to prove it 🙂

This was taken at the end, some people had to leave to catch flights back home but here’s who all was left :). We had 48 participants.

This is the fire extinguisher I got to expel off :). It was fun. unfortunately, no pictures of me actually setting it off 🙁

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