The Saturday Post {57}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. Our 1st 4th of July Celebration

2. The Saturday Post {56}

3. Hello, is this thing on?

4. The Story Part 1

5. I found the Culprit

This Weeks Posts
Our 1st 4th of July Celebration
Hello, is this thing on?

Blast from the Past
2013 – Shorty Smalls – Branson, MO
Let’s Ride the Ducks, Branson Style
2012 – Why God made pets
Serendipity III {Las Vegas} & Frrrozen Hot Chocolate
2011 – A Look into Their Lives
2010 – One Year Ago… XIV

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
I don’t think I made anything this week….

Instagram Lately
Who doesn’t need 3 house phones all right by them?

Week’s Happenings
++This was a rough week at my house 🙁
++This is a Tbug weekend
++The county fair is going on
++I found out (although I already knew) just how awesome my family is and they were there for us!
++Hubby tried to tear his finger off with a tractor and a tree limb… (I should say thumb)
++I sure hope Peanut wants to show at the county fair because her daddy and I already started making future plans 🙂
++Did I mention this was a rough week? A lot of sh*t hit the fan… but my family was there for us and we came out on the other side.
++I can’t say thank you enough to my family
++I can’t thank God enough either… I guess I’m being very vague but it sucked, trust me! (and it had nothing to do with the Peanut :))
++Speaking of the Peanut she gained weight since last week.
++Dr said she was doing great and was happy with the weight gain. Last week was 7lb 5.2oz. This week was 8lb 2 oz 🙂

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