The Saturday Post {52}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. Wow, Just Wow!

2. Week 35

3. Photography Snob

4. Calling One Calling All & I’m Accident Prone

5. the Bump

This Weeks Posts
Wow, Just Wow!
Week 35
Irie’s & Ya Ya’s – Oxford, MS

Blast from the Past
2013 – The Thing(s) I’m most afraid of
Crabby’s Seafood Bar & Grill – Joplin, MO
2012 – I Want to be a Kid Again!!
Slice Bell Pepper and Avoid Seeds
2011 – Project 52: Free
2010 – Wrangler Ad

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie – Lindsay’s Cookie Porn

Pie Dough – Pastry Crust – Whatever you want to call it 🙂

Cherry Pie… Fresh Cherry Pie at that!

Instagram Lately

Week’s Happenings
++School Started
++Tbug got Scuba Certified!!
++Tbug showed a cutting horse for the first time.
++Dive Club Meeting
++We actually had our first spring flood this week…
++I’ve started weekly drs appointments. Scary!
++I made cookies. Yum!
++I keep wondering if this is how tired I’ll be once baby girl gets here. Boy am I tired!
++I had a friend turn 16 this week. She got embarrassed because they put her in a sombrero and sang Happy Birthday to her 🙂
++Like my mom said, it’s always hilarious when it doesn’t happen to you 🙂
++We compared Hicks vs Hillbillies vs Rednecks in school on Thursday. Do you have a difference?

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