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I promise, I haven’t forgotten about this little place… this has been a pretty rough week… but It’s Friday… I’m not sure how I feel about this…

Emmy Mom

1. The Peanut got to experience the county fair this week. This is pretty much where her mommy grew up during the summers so she got to meet some of mommy’s friends. It’s crazy that we’re all growing up!

2. Naps are GREAT! That’s all :). Baby girl has enjoyed sleeping on my chest for naptime 🙂

3. All the hay is finally mowed. We still have to bale some but it’s all mowed! Whew!

4. Hubby took 2 weeks vacation to spend time with the Peanut and me after she was born. He’s spent most of his time in the hayfield and sadly today is his last day of vacation. I’m not sure I’m excited it’s Friday… He goes back to work on Monday.

5. I have the most awesome family. They’ve helped hubby and me out this week way beyond what I would have ever expected we might need. Wow! My family is awesome!

And now for 5 pictures 🙂

Family 4th of July Picture

Naptimes are the best!

She got her horse sslurry (whatever that is…) in the mail this week!

Name twinkies 🙂

Big sis even got a present! 🙂

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