Would You Change?

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Apparently this is the week for pondering thoughts out of yours truly.  Here recently Kenzie and I were discussing if you could change things about your past would you.  Then yesterday I was getting caught up on Rachael Ray’s daytime tv show and The Chew and at the end of one of RR’s segments she did a speed round of audience questions.  A couple different questions came up on if she’d change her past or not.  She said she wouldn’t because even the 2 muggings helped get her to where she is today.

I would like to be confident in the fact that I could say, “No I wouldn’t change anything,” but the fact of the matter is sometimes I wish life could be like a tv show.  The one that comes to mind is the Friends episode where they did the what if episode.  You know what if Chandler would have gone into the comic book industry, what if Monica hadn’t lost all the weight, what if Rachael would have actually married Barry, what if Pheobe would have taken that job on wall street, what if Ross’s marriage hadn’t ended in divorce/his wife hadn’t been a lesbian, and what if Joey hadn’t been fired from Days of Our Lives.  If you don’t watch Friends or know it by heart, there’s the big jest of the episode.

Obviously that’s easy to do with a tv show because first off, {newsflash, lol} these aren’t real people leading real lives.  They go to work every day, read the script, act it out and then go home and lead their lives which sometimes are all over the tabloids, but that’s another story for another time, right?

The fact of the matter is I know that everything that has happened in my life has lead me to where I am today.  And with a few minor details of things that I wish could be changed, it’s a pretty darn good life.  Yes, I’ve hit curve balls and yes, I’ve been thrown for loops.  Yes, I’ve looked back at things I’ve done and called myself an idiot but still, it made me who I am.  I guess for the most part I’m a pretty okay person, right?  (validation please… lol)

So in truth of the matter I guess I wouldn’t change things but I do sometimes wish I could sit down, put my episode of my life on, you know the what if episode and see that I’m sooooooooo totally glad I’m where I am today vs things that could have gone differently.

I can tell you there is a HUGE list of things that better come out the same way if I were to see that episode play out though!!!!  The number one thing would be my husband better be my husband because he is my rock.  He steadies my ship when it starts to rock.  He picks me up and brushes me off when I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom.  I can’t say enough good things about him and yes while it may sound all mushy, he is there for me.  He was that missing link I was looking for in all my struggling years until we met back up!

Okay I’ll stop now, I feel like this is either going mushy or depressing, neither of which I really meant to happen, more just a pondering question.  Would you change anything about your life, all of your life or would you keep every bit of it the exact same way?

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