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I had a completely different post that I was working on today and just a few minutes ago I found out that a man that I worked with died last night from a massive heart attack.  When I came to work for the company 4 years ago I met this man.  He worked in our IT department.  Now when you say that at my company, that’s over half the building, but still… This was the sweetest man you would have ever met.  He always spoke to me in the halls, even after I left the AP department (where I actually worked with him) to come to my current department.  He would walk past me heading to Accounting.  And always asked how my cakes were doing and if I’d taken any more classes.  In fact I used to take him a small piece from when I did take classes.  And his granddaughters, they were the cutest thing!  He and his wife would have his son(in law) and daughter(in law) bring their kids out at Halloween time to trick-or-treat.

Ok and this is a very discombobulated post I realize, but I think I’m still in shock.  I just recently talked to him.  It just makes you realize how short life really is and that it could end in a minute.  And unfortunately the world doesn’t stop just because one person died.  I mean I guess I can’t recall another time in the building in the 4 years I’ve worked here where someone has passed away, truthfully I’m not sure anyone has and if they have I guess I didn’t know them but wow, just wow. 

I’m so sorry this is so dysfunctional.  I’m just in shock.  I guess my message from all this, tell those you love how much you love them because you never know when it’ll be the last chance you get to tell them.


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  1. Life truly is short. I'm glad that my family have given our lives to the Lord because I know we'll be together again even should God choose to seperate us now. We've had two people we loosely know die of heart attacks recently and they were both under 45.

    My prayers will be with this family as well.

  2. It's never easy to lose someone, and it certainly snaps into focus just how short & precious life is. I had never experienced losing someone close to me until this summer, then lost 2 cousins, 2 weeks apart, both tragically, both young. It has totally changed my perspective on life.

    Thoughts are with you, Nicole.

  3. Sorry for your loss. We went thru a similar situation earlier this year. A co-worker in the building was killed in a car wreck. It does send you in a tailspin.


  4. Hey Nicole I just wanted to tell you what a rosary is since you asked. In short it is a set of prayer beads. They represent important events in the life of Jesus through the sacred mysteries. We pray the rosary for many different reasons. I just like to carry mine mostly for comfort. If you look it up on line there are some really in depth explanations.

    I hope you are doing ok today xxxooo

  5. It's even sadder because this is the 2nd post like this that I've read today. It's got to be even harder – right before the holidays. My heart goes out to them… and to you.

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