It was a PYTHON!!!!

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Funny #1

Last night my dad was moving the pen the horses were in so they could have more grass to munch on. He asked me to jump on the lawnmower and mow between the pallets & the trailer so they didn’t have to walk in tall grass, so while I was on the mower I took it upon myself to mow the lawn for my parents. I was staying close to where dad and PC were working so if they needed me to mow somewhere else I could and he hollered at me to come mow another spot. See smart thinking on my part. Well I then moved on and a few minutes later PC was walking toward me so I killed the mower deck and that’s when I saw it, he was carrying a snake. I baled off the mower and took off running. Ok so it wasn’t a Python but it might as well have been. I think he said it was a ring neck snake that was about the size of a long earth worm but blaehhhhh! I don’t do snakes!

Funny #2

Me: “Why on earth would you bring that snake to me?”

PC: “Dad thought it would be funny.”

Me: “Do you do everything he tells you to do?”

PC: “But it was funny, you should have seen you jump off the mower.”

Me: “Blehhhhhh!” doing the heeby jeeby dance!

PC: “Oh it couldn’t hurt you, it was teeny tiny.”

Me: “You’re so mean!”

PC: “How am I mean?”

Me: “I hate snakes!!!!!!”

PC: “It couldn’t hurt you.”

Me: this is about the time I put my hand over my head and thunked him accidentally with my fingers.

PC: “You just punched me in the head.”

Me: “Oh ya big baby, I did not.”

PC: “Yes you did”

Me: “Well you deserved it, you brought a snake close to me!”

and so it starts again 🙂

Funny #3

I was walking at work, ok let me back up, 4 days a week we are required to dress up. Business dress. So yesterday I had on a dress and my black heely sandals that I always wear. I came walking up to my desk and my toe caught my chair mat and I stumbled into my desk. Dave looks at me and goes, what the hell did you just trip on… thin air? Me: Nope first day on my new legs 🙂

…. On a side note….

If you have a lot on your mind, mowing your parents huge yard could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. Lots of time to think. Hmmm….

I think I need a vacation! I would like to be here:

Disney cruise, picture via my friend Vanessa

or here:

picture via an email

or here:

picture via email

or here:

LA (somewhere I’ve never been) Pic via Kalem & Evelyn

or here:

picture via email

or here maybe:

Greece, picture via my friend Vanessa (again)

or possibly here:

Maine, via my cousin Krystal

or here, definitely here:

I Love Ft. Worth!!source

or here:

New York City, I love NYC! source

or Even here:

Chicago… I love Chicago too!! source

Ok I think you get my point… I’ll quit now b/c I truly could go on and on and on.

I hope you all have a great Hump Day Wednesday!! We are on the downhill slide to the weekend! Woohooo!

Peace, Love, & Hump Day’s

0 thoughts on “It was a PYTHON!!!!

  1. My husband hates snakes too–no matter how small and harmless. I'd love to be traveling too, but it aint' gonna happen any time soon for me. “New legs…” that's funny!

  2. Wish I could send you a picture of Heaven( that's where I think I live). I never want to go anywhere else, rotten nasty Charolais bulls and all.

  3. No snakes here in Alaska 🙂 Its been reported that a garter snake has been seen here and there but there is no actual species of snake that is native to AK.

    As for vacation, I live in my vacation dreamland, so other than here I think I would love to go to Russia and see the sights there. I do agree with you about Chicago and NYC. When I was in the Navy I was stationed outside of Chicago for a while and I had such a blast there! NYC, I used to go there every Christmas season with my grandparents. There is no place like NYC at Christmas. Maine is gorgeous also, especially along the coast. LA….been there, done that, dont care if I ever go back. I hated southern CA.

    LOL, ok, I think I commented on most of the possible vacation spots you posted 🙂

  4. I.DONT.DO.SNAKES. at all, ever. I think I could even brave the cold of Alaska if it meant not having to deal with snakes.

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