One Sunday Afternoon

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2 weeks ago we had quite the Sunday afternoon.  My dad was pulling tree/logs out of the woods so he could build fence between us and my grandpa.  Our cows needed more pasture and we wanted to keep them on our place so we went to work cleaning out the fence row.  And I use We very loosely here.

Looks like we had a bored little girl on our hands here 🙂

I spent the afternoon keeping Audrey out of the way of the tractor.

There is something about this photo I like…

Audrey didn’t want to stay in the bed of the truck.

Eventually I had PC stop and let Tbug on with him.

Woops I’ve been spotted.  Oh wait I have my telephoto lens on, how did he know I was shooting their picture?  I was in the shadow of the truck!

Ahhh!  That’s better 🙂

Now I have a different bored little girl on my hands.

This is almost blown out 🙁 but you can see the logs they were dragging out of the fence row.

This is Red Dog (go figure ha).  She was sitting in the shade of the truck with me.

And back they go.

Morelli & Mudflap.

She doesn’t look bored now…  She’s probably yacking his ear off.

I had my 70-300mm lens on but you can still tell how far away into the woods they were from where I was.  I had it all the way extended.

The boys (and Millie) watched from the shade of the truck.  It was a rather warm Sunday.

And here they come. haha

They were having to duck around other tree limbs

There’s my dad… he didn’t know I was taking photos I don’t think. hahaha

Yeah this was photo heavy!  Sorry.  I was having fun playing with my new lens.  And it’s not that new but still 2 months is new to me 🙂  It was a wedding present.

Peace, Love & “Lazy” Sunday afternoons


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  1. i love this! and i love your dogs. i used to have a border collie and she was the best dog i've ever had. great pics, too!

    did you ever find your missing dog?

  2. I am jealous that it's nice and sunny and you guys are in t-shirts…right now it feels like it could snow any minute here in Canada, although we did have a “heat wave” this week…20 one day and that is RARE for October!

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