Candy Cane Sunday

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Sunday when we arrived at Church, a friend of ours AR came up and asked if she could take Abug up to the front of the church for Candy Cane lesson. I said, Sure but I don’t know what the Candy Cane lesson is. She told me and I said Abug would absolutely love that. So Pastor Chris tells the kids of the congregation the meaning behind the candy cane. I’m not sure if this is the exact story he said, but it is extremely close.

Then after church we went to Deb and Grady’s for lunch and hubby and Jared were going to work on the Chiefs Bus (more to come on that) and to watch the Chiefs play the Baltimore Ravens. Which by the way they won 34 to 14. There was a 90 yard interception touch down by Marcus Peters. It was awesome. Oh and I also got some snuggle time with baby girl. So a good Sunday in my book.

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