Our First Night Apart

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This blog is for a lot of things and one thing is to document our life together. My husband and I have experienced a lot of things together and it is so much fun to sit down and take a gander back. Now obviously not everything is on here because with every blog, there is a certain part of your life you don’t share… But here’s a sharing moment.

Monday night was hubby and my first night away from Baby Squirrel (or baby girl, whichever). Here’s how it started:

A week ago Tuesday I turned in a rough draft on one of my papers for Research Methods. It’s about The Rape of the Lock, a poem by Alexander Pope, but that’s beside the point (one last point… I’m not crazy about that poem.. okay done now). I had to go into the school early on Tuesday, earlier than normal for a conference on my paper so I made arrangements for my mom to take baby girl a bit earlier so that I could make it to the school on time.

So Monday when I picked baby girl up from my grandma (her great grandma) hubby and I had plans to meet up at my parents when he got off work. We had discussed it the night before about seeing if mom and dad wanted a sleep over with baby girl, so that I could have Tuesday to work on some homework. He didn’t think I could do it…

So I walked into my parent’s house on Monday and asked my mom to tell me if she didn’t want to, but would she be able to have a sleep over with baby girl and hubby would pick her up on Tuesday night like normal.

You’d have thought I gave my mom a million dollars. She told me she thought wouldn’t get the option until baby girl was in high school and could make her own decisions.

Before hubby and I left my parents house I hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed baby girl. Mom said she felt like she was prying baby girl away from me. Then I handed her to my mom, one last kiss and left for the evening. Told my parents if they needed anything to holler, I’d be over in a heart beat and I don’t speed. lol. Then I left.

Don’t worry, I cried pretty much all the way home and even once I got home.

Before bed I sent grandma a text to see how baby girl was doing. I got a reply with this precious picture. She’d had her bath and was waiting on her bottle.

Then before bed grandma called so she could “talk” to mommy and daddy. Mom said it was precious because when hubby and I would talk to her she’d look around trying to find us :).

I actually slept in on Tuesday. I was quite shocked. I woke up to this video from baby girl…

I might have cried a tear or too. Then got an update a couple times that day. What can I say, I missed the baby squirrel :). Hubby asked if I was going by to see her before I had to go to school and I told him I was afraid if I did, I might not go to school.

Tuesday’s are my late nights so when I got home I might have woke her up and played with her for over an hour and then put her back to sleep. I even smiled that night when she woke me up at 2am :).

Mommy missed her baby. Daddy missed his baby. We agreed though that it was good. We were only 12 miles from her… so we got a good test out of it :). Okay now she can’t stay anywhere without mommy for the rest of her life… kidding… I think.

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