The Shack: Grillin' Night

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Sooo sorry for all the multiple posts a day but I have to so I can keep up with my regular posts along with the Blog Everyday in May challenge.

Last Tuesday night at the Shack we had Grillin’ Night.

When we got there Dick was cookin up fresh fries.  YUM!  We all stuffed our faces before hand and made him have to make more for the actual dinner 🙂

We had Brats, burgers and sausages.

And a yummy side of Mac & cheese!  Holla!

Cass brought Banana Bread.  It was good banana bread too!  Especially after her husband was giving her fits about her cooking.  Apparently neither of us can make No Bake Cookies… lol.

These cupcakes were Cookie Dough on the bottom with a Peanut Butter Cup in the middle and covered with brownies.

And of course Patty’s newest addition to her critters.  A baby Raccoon.

All in all, good, Yummy night!

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4 thoughts on “The Shack: Grillin' Night

  1. Wait who's baby raccoon is that? Are they keeping it as a pet or did it get hurt and they are helping it??

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