The Shack: Asian Theme Night

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Hubby and I weren’t sure we were going to be able to make Tuesday’s at the Shack last week because of grandma’s surgery on her leg after falling last Monday.  After we left the hospital we ran home so I could change clothes.  I walked into the shack eating a Popsicle.  They gave me fits about eating a Popsicle and not sure we were coming so I turned around and acted like I was going to walk out.

I thought the joke was appropriate for the Shack since the answer is “Patty”. 🙂

Since we weren’t sure we were going to make it, sadly we didn’t bring anything with us to eat.  Never fear though, there was definitely enough food still!  Patty compiled the stuff for Stir Fry and the guys cooked it for her.  Some said there was a lot of pepper but I thought it was great!

Hello Yum Stir Fry!

Memaw made Shrimp LoMein.  Very good.  She kind of made her own recipe up as she went.  Said she probably couldn’t duplicate it if she tried… lol.

Lissa made this Asian salad.

Tausha brought Egg Drop Soup.  Everyone said the fried wanton’s bits were excellent.

Yeah, so the Twizzlers sitting on the table cracked me up.  I’m not really sure why they were sitting there….

There was mixed reviews on how hot the peanuts actually were.  Some said smokin, others said they were just fine.  I didn’t try any.

Then Memaw made this fantastic Cheesecake.  OMG, I could have eaten the whole thing by myself.  She joked the night before when she came to see my grandma at the hospital that if we didn’t show up, she’d bring the leftovers to us.  There were absolutely NO leftovers.  In fact she was going to save my grandma a piece, but there wasn’t any left so the next day she made another one so Grandma could have a piece too.

Darren’s pooches were in the bed of his truck and it was funny because every now and again you’d hear one growl at the other.

So this week’s theme is Nachos.  As in Nacho cheese… ha!  Can’t wait to see what appears tonight!

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  1. Glad you were able to make it. I wouldn't have tried the peanuts either though my husband for sure would have and would of been in the “not that spicy camp” as he prides himself on his ability to eat spicy things.

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