The Shack: Nacho Night

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Nacho night was a big hit in my opinion.

Everyone was told to bring Tortilla chips, I’d say we faired nicely, especially since there are more than what’s in this photo.  Now we have chips for a while.

Liss brought Cheese dip that had white cheese in it.

Angela brought Spinach Artichoke Dip.  Yum!

Ah, this was my lovely creation.  I didn’t bring any home.

Chicken toppings

Hamburger toppings

Black Olives

Fajita meat


Sour Cream

And regular plain nacho cheese

Wonder what the hours are??

Memaw brought Cherry Cobbler.  Yum!  She kept apologizing if it wasn’t sweet enough and I kept giving her fits about putting down my cherry tree 🙂

And it cracked me up where a chip fell (look under the crockpot lid)

And it was a lovely, chilly, rainy night.

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