Smoke off Prep

I’m pretty sure these days I meet myself coming and going. I try not to but dang. Anyway, last week I mentioned something about a BBQ/Smoked meats thing. Well here are the details… FINALLY! 

So we started hanging out with our dive friends in 2013 when we met them. It wasn’t an immediate BAM, we’re friends, but pretty darn close. So throughout the last couple of years, hubby and Jared have been smoking different types of meats for different events. Events include just a night in with friends to dive club meetings to events for the Red Coaters at Chiefs Stadium. The big leagues… in our books anyway.

They have been honing in on our their meat preparations. Wow, that sounds weird. ha! Anyway, last fall they went to Kansas City to a Chiefs game and actually cooked for 60+ Red Coaters and family. Then the leftover meats, they tried passing out to passer byes. A lot of people around our hangouts really like their brisket and pulled pork and chicken, etc, so they told them they needed to start entering contests. (more…)

Bye Week

I googled it. It says it is correct: Bye Week but could be by week or it could be bi week. So you call it what you want but know I’m talking about the off week that the Chiefs didn’t have to play because they were sitting second seed!

What what? or Woot woot if you prefer 😁.

So unfortunately Grady wound up back in the hospital due to his surgery before Christmas. Jared and hubby conjured up a scheme that we were going to go sit in his hospital room with him and watch the Dolphins Steelers game and the New York Green Bay game on Sunday, but he was able to “break out” on Saturday night so we changed our plans and decided to make lunch and go to their house to watch the games. One was at noon and the other at 3:30. The game plan was to make a day of it 😀.

The game plan for the meal (yes, I keep saying game plan, going with the scheme of the day….) was chicken wings because why not? Hubby made some of his “famous” salsa and the wings and carrots/celery and as a last minute thought, No Bake Cookies!


I Painted a Purple Cat… or something like that

Do you get the reference? It’s from Girl Meets World. I love that show. I was a big fan of Boy Meets World back in the day.

So anyway on Girl Meets World, Riley has a friend Mya. Mya is a great artist and Riley draws purple cats. I can barely draw a stick figure so I figured I might as well just draw the purple cat and be done with it.

Ultimately I blame Jillian for this want I have to paint. She’s always blogging about how she and her friends attend paint nights and she always does a fantastic job too, I might add. I thought it sounded like a blast. Then a friend of mine hit me up about a big group of us attending a paint night one night to try. Well that was a year ago and we still hadn’t looked in to it. Finally another friend brought up something… maybe posted on her facebook page something about one of those paint night places around here and I hit her up about it.


Graduation parties are what Saturday’s are made for!

It is that time of year when graduations are going on. I actually had a bunch of friends who were graduating high school this year, one being SW.  Yesterday I attended her graduation party. When I got there I jumped in and helped Deb start with some of the preparation while SW and her mom Michelle worked on decorations. Then once all the inside prep was caught up, I went outside to check out what was going on. They were working on heating up the pool, building a bonfire, and decorating the pool area.

I just sat down and was talking to Karen when Karen said, oh no, there go the balloons. I guess all the balloons escaped. Woops!

There was food galore! Ham and Cheese sliders, BBQ Pork rib sliders, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Chips and guac, a fruit bowl, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and more desserts than you could shake a stick at. I must say, I sampled quite a bit of it…. and it was good. Hey, if there’s one thing I can say, we know how to cook :). Welcome to the Midwest!


Pancake Feed

A lot of our friends are on the local search and rescue team. It is volunteer so they have different fundraisers to raise money for expenses. This is a once a year fundraiser of Pancakes. Who doesn’t love pancakes, I mean, come on! There’s also biscuits and gravy as well as sausage links, orange juice, coffee, and water.


Superbowl 1 Party

Superbowl 1, wait what? Aren’t we working toward Superbowl 50 this year? Why yes, yes we are… but what you might not have known is Superbowl 1 footage was lost and hasn’t been seen since Game day back in 1967, that is until now. And back then it wasn’t called Superbowl anything, it was also the AFL versus the NFL. Ah, so much has changed in the last 50 years of Superbowls.

So the story is, there is only one guy who owns footage of Superbowl 1 and he wants a Million dollars for the footage. That is… he had the only footage until now. They (as in the football tv guys…) pieced together the footage from multiple different shots to pull off Superbowl 1. It was funny however because we had normal current commercials. Wouldn’t it have been fun to see commercials from 1967… just saying.

Anyway we had a Superbowl 1 party complete with food, fun, friends, and baby dolls :).

Food consisted of but not limited to… Chicken wings, Chicken Parmesan Soup, Peppered Turkey Breast, Pigs in a blanket, Peanut Butter individual mini cheesecakes (technical name not known), cheese plates, veggie trays, oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and sooo soooo sooooo much more. If you walked away hungry, it was your own fault.


The Chiefs Tailgating Bus

How in the world did we get to the end of December? My husband and I were just discussing how in the heck did we just celebrate Christmas and now we’re looking forward to the New Year… It is like time is totally flying by! And here in Missouri (as well as other parts of the country I hear) we’re having the worst flood we’ve had since 1993. Weather predictions call for another 1-2 inches of rain today. We’ve already had quite a bit. I didn’t/haven’t heard the total amount yet…

But anyway, I just wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to… It all started about 5 months ago. Actually, truth be told it started about 2 years ago. As I’ve mentioned, Dan and Grady are Red Coaters for the Kansas City Chiefs (by the way, did you hear they won against the Cleveland Browns yesterday 17 to 13… which means they’re in the Playoffs! Big year for Kansas City… The Royals and the Chiefs both making the Playoffs in one year!). At some point Dan and Grady started talking about buying a bus to turn into a Chiefs Tailgating bus.

Now jump forward to about 5 months ago. I wasn’t there to totally hear the story so we’ll let the hubs take over the story….

We were giving her [Deb] a hard time about wanting a Chiefs bus (which is a pretty common occurrence). She finally got tired of it and said, I’ll tell you what… You can get a Chiefs bus if…..

And hubby caught it on tape. Blackmail city… So the hunt was on to find a Chiefs bus. They searched Craig’s List and multiple auctions on So jump forward about 4ish to 5 months… and Karen and I were sitting at the dive shop one day chatting when all the sudden we heard the loudest screams you’ve ever heard. We wondered what the heck happened. Turns out, they bought a Chiefs Bus.
Exhibit A