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I’m pretty sure these days I meet myself coming and going. I try not to but dang. Anyway, last week I mentioned something about a BBQ/Smoked meats thing. Well here are the details… FINALLY! 

So we started hanging out with our dive friends in 2013 when we met them. It wasn’t an immediate BAM, we’re friends, but pretty darn close. So throughout the last couple of years, hubby and Jared have been smoking different types of meats for different events. Events include just a night in with friends to dive club meetings to events for the Red Coaters at Chiefs Stadium. The big leagues… in our books anyway.

They have been honing in on our their meat preparations. Wow, that sounds weird. ha! Anyway, last fall they went to Kansas City to a Chiefs game and actually cooked for 60+ Red Coaters and family. Then the leftover meats, they tried passing out to passer byes. A lot of people around our hangouts really like their brisket and pulled pork and chicken, etc, so they told them they needed to start entering contests.

The smoking contest

Jared found them a smoked meats contest to enter. They did some research, came up with a name, and registered.

The next step was to practice. You know, hone in on those skills. The thing was, we were running out of time, quickly. When you spend all your free time working on a house… life happens. So one night we just decided, tomorrow is the day. Jared hauled his horse trailer to our house (it has living quarters). He camped out so they could be up bright and early. Then, they went to town smoking brisket, chicken, a turkey, and pulled pork. There might have been a 5th meat and I swear there was but I can’t remember which one.

I’m pretty sure that they work squishy out… The day before this (the night Jared brought the trailer over) she locked his keys in his truck just for him.

Other food

When we decided that we were going to have a lot of food to eat, we started inving people. We invited people to our house that isn’t finished. That was fun and interesting. But I’m telling you, the weather was perfect and we had a blast. So many good friends. So much good food (like that smoked Chicken dip above). It was just so much fun.

I even made desserts. We had Strawberry Poke Cake and a Cherry dump cake as well as s’mores. I personally don’t like s’mores but my little one does. I’m happy about that.

And the question at the end of the night… Did squishy get stuck under the table or not…

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