Bye Week

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I googled it. It says it is correct: Bye Week but could be by week or it could be bi week. So you call it what you want but know I’m talking about the off week that the Chiefs didn’t have to play because they were sitting second seed!

What what? or Woot woot if you prefer 😁.

So unfortunately Grady wound up back in the hospital due to his surgery before Christmas. Jared and hubby conjured up a scheme that we were going to go sit in his hospital room with him and watch the Dolphins Steelers game and the New York Green Bay game on Sunday, but he was able to “break out” on Saturday night so we changed our plans and decided to make lunch and go to their house to watch the games. One was at noon and the other at 3:30. The game plan was to make a day of it 😀.

The game plan for the meal (yes, I keep saying game plan, going with the scheme of the day….) was chicken wings because why not? Hubby made some of his “famous” salsa and the wings and carrots/celery and as a last minute thought, No Bake Cookies!

When we headed to the store, Jared asked if I knew how to make them. I really have only tried once and that was about 10 years ago or so, so after a friend from high school posted a recipe on Facebook I decided it was time to try my hand at making them. Let’s just say it’s a keeper of a recipe!

The wings we made, well there were multiples. Some were made with seasoning and baked, some were deep fried, some had wing sauce, some had Greek or Jerk seasoning. I couldn’t keep it straight and I”m not sure which I preferred but I think it was the Greek. Let’s just leave it at Oh My Gosh they were pretty darn good.

Now, ask me how much of the game I watched. Truth be told, I like football, especially the more I understand it but watching it on tv, I get side tracked a lot. And since the Chiefs weren’t playing… good luck keeping my attention. Every so often I would but I wasn’t sure which team to root for so I just had a hard time watching. When the Chiefs are on, I can keep my attention to a tv better and being at a stadium really keeps my attention. So there you have it. We play the Steelers on Sunday, I know that. Go Chiefs!

Tbug went out and played with the dogs some and we played in the house with them too. Playing in the house was more fun because it was chilly outside!

And that was my day. How was yours?

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