I Painted a Purple Cat… or something like that

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Do you get the reference? It’s from Girl Meets World. I love that show. I was a big fan of Boy Meets World back in the day.

So anyway on Girl Meets World, Riley has a friend Mya. Mya is a great artist and Riley draws purple cats. I can barely draw a stick figure so I figured I might as well just draw the purple cat and be done with it.

Ultimately I blame Jillian for this want I have to paint. She’s always blogging about how she and her friends attend paint nights and she always does a fantastic job too, I might add. I thought it sounded like a blast. Then a friend of mine hit me up about a big group of us attending a paint night one night to try. Well that was a year ago and we still hadn’t looked in to it. Finally another friend brought up something… maybe posted on her facebook page something about one of those paint night places around here and I hit her up about it.

Enter the conversation between Jody and myself. I asked her if she knew where there was one around and if she’d be interested. She was in the same boat I was… looking for someone to go to one with. So we picked a night (Thursday of this week) and then I had to back out.

I realized I had plans on Thursday so we went back to the calendar to find the photo we wanted to do when we came across the fisherman photo.

We had about 5 different options, but we liked this one and it worked out that we both were free so it was a date. We met for dinner. By the way, we had Tacos on not only Taco Tuesday but National Taco Day! Then we headed to art class.

When we got there and checked in, we were the only 2 students, which worked out in our favor. More help :).

So art is made to be viewed from a distance so anytime you think it doesn’t look good, step back and decide where to go from there.

Jody cheated and started making cool trees so I stole her idea from her. My photo was a lot darker than the teacher’s photo. Maybe I should stick with a purple cat?

Want to know a secret? We weren’t really painting in this picture… ha! We were pretending here. The teacher needed it for Facebook. At that point we actually needed to take our pictures over to the blowdryers and dry our pictures before moving on. And see Jody’s trees? She cheats.

This is a picture only a mother could be proud of. Not my mother, but someone’s mother maybe :). My mom hates when hubby and I stick our tongues out in pictures.

And my finished product.

Then the teacher wanted a picture of us with our picture. Her picture she did with us is just above my head. Initially she took pictures and Jody and I complained we had double chins so we squatted down. Jody was excited because that made her taller than me.

And the teacher asked for a funny face so out came the tongues…. again. Sorry mom :). Love you!

Just call me Picasso. And Jody said we’d paint a purple cat one night just for me 🙂

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