Chopped Liver

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One of my friends, Megan sells wine for the Traveling Vineyard. I’ve been invited to a party by a few friends and it hasn’t worked out, including I got my dates mixed up once. I swear I’m spastic sometimes, or feel that way anyway. Anyway Saturday night my friend Tiffany invited me to a party at her house and I was finally able to make one. So did hubby.

Riley was just hanging out. She came out once the alcohol went away. This really is the sweetest dog!

I haven’t really drank since before I had Abug and really I’m not a drinker anyway. I wasn’t real crazy about these wines, I’m more of a sweet wine drinker if I do drink wine. I’d sip something, hubby would sip it, then I’d dump the rest in Tiffany’s glass. That’s the way I drink… get others to drink it for you :). Yup, guilty as charged.

Although my name became Chopped Liver. They would pass around a chip basket to help your mouth cleanse between sips and Tiffany bypassed me a couple times. Therefore my name is Chopped Liver but you can call me Choppy.

After the tasting one of our friends had to take his daughter back to her car so he brought food back with him. When he got back, we all played Cards against humanity. Holy cow that is hilarious. It might get a little dirty but it’s so hilarious! If you haven’t played it, you must!

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