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Does anyone hear Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) from Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World saying that? There was one episode during their college years when he kept finding Shawn and Topanga in situations and he’d yell Underpants in his voice. Anyway….

I like funny stories and sometimes I just shouldn’t tell on myself, but I can’t help it.

Back when I was pregnant I had to buy bigger underpants, underwear, panties, whatever you want to call them. I really didn’t get any of the maternity ones, I just bought lower rise bigger ones.

So one day at church Dan walked up and asked me how I was. Now if you know Dan (which you probably don’t) I could get away with my answer. I said, “Well I’d be great if I could keep my underwear from falling down.” He looked at me with a did I just hear that correctly sort of look and then laughed. I was like, “Well you asked.” So from there on he decided to tell everyone who came up how I was. Woops :).

So jump forward a couple years and here we are, I still wear a couple of those same pairs of underwear. Is that gross? I mean they’ve been washed, many times! :).

I told people there were 2 things I wanted when my pregnancy was over, new underwear and pajamas since the whole pregnancy I pretty much wore shorts and hubby’s t-shirts. Sadly… I didn’t get either. [insert sad face].

This summer before we went to Florida my mom asked if there was anything I needed for the trip and I joked that I needed new underwear. She actually took me underwear shopping and I got 4 pair, one of which I hate! But that’s a different story for a different day.

So anyway… Here I am, I do still have those pregnancy panties (underwear… underpants?) and wear them when I can’t find any others to wear. Sadly though, I think I spend more time pulling my underwear up than I do with them sitting where they’re supposed to.

Just yesterday I was walking across the yard from Jared and Karen’s house to Deb and Grady’s to watch the Superbowl and I started laughing and told Karen I needed to friggin get new underwear because here I was pulling them up again.

And that is my underwear story.

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