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Two weekends ago we went riding and since then Abug “talks” about riding in the form of Ride, ride, ride, ride, ride. This last weekend was no different. Hubby went to work on the shower houses back at the campgrounds again on Saturday so Tbug, Abug, and I went to hang out with my dad. I figured it wouldn’t take much and the girls could ride :).

We took one of dad’s saddles to our friend Len to fix and then it was time to head to the horse show that was going on. Dad’s on the board so he makes an appearance plus we like to see what’s going on anyway. Dad bought us lunch at Lucky J (where the show is).

There are 2 areas there and this one lets you see out into the arena.

I ordered a Queso Burger with Curly Fries. So normally their curly fries are AWESOME but these were burnt. I was sad. The burger was good, the fries, not so much. Dad’s fries were burnt too :(.

Tbug got the Stampede burger and Onion rings. Her onion rings were way better.

All while eating we heard Ride, ride, ride, ride. So we decided to watch a little of the show. Then we had to head home so that girlfriends could ride.

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