Baby Meet Baby

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Yesterday afternoon around 5:30 or so I got a text message from my mom that said Blondie was going into labor!

What does that mean? It’s Baby time!!!

I called hubby and the first words out of my mouth were, Blondie’s Baby is trying to hit the ground. He came to the house, picked baby girl and me up and we headed to my parents house. I called Tbug’s mom and said that we had a baby coming if they wanted to bring Tori over to see and hung up.

Before we got there she’d had her baby (darn the luck!). Mom said that one hoof was out but the other didn’t look right so mom held Blondie while dad pulled the one foot and then went ahead and helped her foal out the beautiful palomino colt. Mom said had dad not helped, we might have lost the colt.

He was maybe 10-15 minutes old when we got to mom and dad’s house. Now baby animals start trying to get up within the first 30 minutes. This little guy hadn’t gotten up yet although he was trying so Blondie was nipping him in the butt trying to pick him up.

Just before Tbug pulled in the baby got up and was extremely wobbly, imagine that!

Dad, Tbug and hubby ran to the store to try and get some colostrum replacer to make sure that the baby got something in his belly. When they got back they tried to give it to him but he didn’t want any of it. By the time we left them in the barn for the evening he was nursing on mommy.

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