Oy, The Dreaded 30

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I’ll be the first to tell you, I was totally dreading my 30th birthday.  One thing about it though, it seems like everyone has told me that my 30’s will be way better, so I’m totally looking forward to that.  There is quite a bit that happened good in my 20’s that my 30’s will have to compete with.  But enough of thinking that way, let’s move back to my actual birthday.  That and I finally found the photos from my birthday… Minor detail!

Tbug and I woke up that Tuesday morning and it was raining.  We’d been debating if we’d like to go to Silver Dollar City or not.  Around 9am we decided we’d at least head to Springfield (30 minutes from SDC) and go to the movies if nothing else.  Once we got to Springfield, it was cloudy but dry so we decided that we’d like to head that way.  We ran a few errands, got a late breakfast/early lunch and headed out toward Branson.

We got just outside of Ozark and it started raining.  In fact, it rained all the way until we got to the parking lot of SDC and it let up.  Heck yeah.  Even better was not only was it a Tuesday but the rain kept other people home and we had a blast.  We hardly stood in any lines and got to ride a few rides without getting off because no one was waiting.

We left there in time to head back to the house, change clothes and meet up with my parent’s and grandma over at Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.  Now the cool thing is I was born on my grandma’s birthday, so we were there celebrating my birthday as well as hers!

Hubby kept wanting to give me my present early, but I wouldn’t let him.  He tried his darndest to confuse me, especially when he told the waiter that he would like what I was getting.

Dinner – a White Cheddar and Bacon stuffed Medium Rare Steak with Steakhouse Mac & Cheese.  YUM!

And when they found out it was Grandma & my birthday we both got ice cream plus, they didn’t sing to us.  Yey!

Grandma’s 81st birthday and my 30th Birthday.

and my sweet little family on my birthday.

Okay, so the day of my 30th birthday wasn’t toooo shabby at all 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Oy, The Dreaded 30

  1. You know, I remember when I thought that 40 was so over the hill. Now that I am staring at the big 50, life really has been good! Age is all relative! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday with your grandmother! What a way to share a memory! Is that an ipad? You will like it!

  2. Looks like great fun, and I love seeing the family resemblance between you and Grandma and you and daughter.

  3. Looks like your birthday was awesome!! You will have a blast in your 30s (not because I know from experience but because you will make the most of it like you do everything else)!!

  4. I love that you and your Grandma share a birthday! I know that makes it so special, and I am so glad you got to celebrate your 30th birthday with the special people in your life. It sounds perfect! I think that is a kindle fire instead of an ipad, right? I love my kindle fire although I got it before the HD one came out so I need a new one. The kids hijack mine all the time anyway so watch out for Tbug. 😉

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