The Saturday Post {9}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week
1.  Pioneer Woman’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake

2.  We’re Official

3.  the Saturday Post {7}

4.  The Perfect Summer Sandwich

5.  The Saturday Post {8}

This Week’s Posts
Deluxe Creamery
The Perfect Summer Sandwich
We’re Official
Denny’s Breakfast
Oy, The Dreaded 30

Post from The Past
2012 – A Little More About Me…
2011 – Big News
2010 – A Case of the Monday’s, One Year Ago… Part 28

Recipes from the Blog made this week
None… oh did I forget to tell you I was out of town?  Yup, we were out of town this week and this next week will have lots of fun posts to tell you all about a city basically in my backyard I’ve really never explored….

Instagram Lately

1.  Dinner – 2.  I dropped hubby’s camera and broke the battery – 3. Starbucks – 4. St. Louis Cards Game
5. Pedicures!! – 6. Yeah I can’t explain it – 7. Love the heat, right?!?! – 8. Love
9. New Cookbook – 10. Well hello – 11. His annoyed at me face – 12. Frozen Custard break!

Week’s Happenings
++Oh we went on vacation to St. Louis
++Missouri has been flooding and we weren’t sure we’d make it home since I-44 flooded and they shut it down between St. Louis and home
++Hubby and I went on the hunt for Sweet Tea
++Many posts coming up about this trip
++Check out Janette’s blog… there’s a fabulous giveaway coming up… more details on Monday.
++I dropped hubby’s camera and broke the extra battery, luckily that’s all the damage so far I’ve found.

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