The Saturday Post {6}

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Top 5 posts of the week

One Last 4th Post

Blondie Sprouted

A Picking We Will Go

Scuba Diver Flag Toes

Let’s Ride the Ducks

Recipes made from the blog this week

Gluten Free Pancakes

Instagram Lately

I’ve gotten a few questions about this so I’ll share a post on this 🙂  {Boomerbear}

Weeks Happenings

++Blondie finally had her baby
++We finally got our C cards which means we’re officially Scuba Certified
++My dad broke his collar bone and had to have surgery
++Hubby, Robert, Robert’s Mom & I went and got my dad a load of Alfalfa hay
++Mudflap got a girlfriend
++I made Blackberry Jam {recipe to come soon}

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