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I’m really pretty sure the title describes it all! This last weekend was an interesting one… I think I say that a lot but it’s usually true. So I was going to attend a Missouri/Kansas Women Bloggers meet-up in Kansas City on Saturday but it was cancelled at the last minute kind of because there was bad weather in the weather predictions. I heard all the way up to 3-6 inches of snow at one point on Saturday.

Well there was a Chiefs game on Sunday and we had plans to go so that didn’t stop us from going to KC on Saturday anyway… we just let baby girl home so she didn’t have to endure the cold and we drove the truck so we had 4 wheel drive, just in case and away we went.

Since we got up to KC around 12:30-1 we decided to head to City Market. I swear this is one of our most favorite places to be. I absolutely love this place… Anyway we entered the far end which in the summer is completely full but in the winter, not so much. But it gave us a chance to stop and talk to the guy at Bloom Baking Company about bread.

We tried a few different types of bread and the bread pudding, OMG, the bread pudding. Then we decided to head on and check out all the fresh produce. We decided to buy some Jalapeños to make candied Jalapeños, some fresh green beans and some grapes to take to the game Sunday. Then it was time to find something to eat. Now at City Market, there’s lots of great places to eat but we finally decided to head back to Bloom and eat there.

Hubby got their Ruben. I just want to say mmmmm!

Tbug and I went with the Grilled Philly Cheesesteak. Again… YUM! I absolutely LOVED the bread on this. What can I say, I love bread.

Hubby and I decided to try these drinks. Tbug got a Coke. ha! She was like do you want a picture of my can… lol. I got the Blackberry, definitely GOOD STUFF MAYNARD. a phrase my dad always says :). And hubby got the Apple. It tasted just like biting into an apple.

While we were waiting for our food to be made we saw the Tiramisu. We all kinda thought we needed/wanted tiramisu. Yeah, we did! Just saying. Hubby was read to eat the paper, j/k… kind of… lol

Tbug and hubby thought that they could have made a meal just off a piece of Tiramisu. And that was our trip to City Market… it 20 degree weather I might add. So totally worth it though!

And it did snow… just a light dusting, but snow none-the-less. Some friends went on up to Maryville to watch the Northwest MO Game and had about 4-6 inches dumped on them.

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