Somedays you feel like lists, somedays you don't

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Today I do 🙂

~Friday night we picked up my {step} daughter from cheerleading.  Driving home we told her we wanted her to go into our laundryroom for .  That was our way of ensuring she saw Miss Audrey.  It was so funny because she walked in, said something about the puppy and continued to look for whatever it was we asked her to go get.

~We  had breakfast for dinner.  I made the Pioneer Woman’s pancakes.  One more recipe made out of her book!  Woohooooo!

~Saturday was our Maple Leaf Parade.  PC rode on the Hometown Hero’s float since he is a veteran.  Tbug and I met up with his mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law, and nephew to watch him come through the parade route.

~Dill Pickle really liked Audrey.

~After the parade Tbug wanted to go home with Memaw so PC and I went and walked up around the square looking at all the booths set up.  Lots of people swooned over how cute Audrey was. She hasn’t been broke to walk on a leash until Saturday and she did fairly well.

~We have an Amish store around the corner from us.  They have the best sandwiches in the world.  Ok maybe not the world but they are dang good!

~Tbug wanted to stay the night with her Aunt Liss so she could play with Dill Pickle Saturday night.  I partially cried because I realized I’m not cool :(.

~We finally got our fall decorations set up.

~For Dinner Saturday night we had another Pioneer Woman Recipe, Lasagna.  I’m just working my way through her cookbook.  The ones that’ll kick my butt are Penne ala Betsy, Linguine with Clam Sauce and Ham & Beans.  Yuck!  Oh well I’ll make them, try them, and pawn them off on someone else 🙂

~I slept in Sunday.  Woohoooo!  PC got up to take Audrey out and let me sleep in.

~I never get to sleep in.  On Weekdays I have to go to work and on weekends I’m up at the crack of dawn… {sigh}

~We picked up Tbug and headed to my parents house.  PC and Tbug drove my dad’s tractor and helped move logs out of the woods.

~I photographed it all.  I was having fun playing with my newest lens.

~The dogs and I chilled out on the ground.

~Then we had to head home, get Tbug in her mom’s clothes and take her to meet her step-dad.

~We came home and I ate ice cream for dinner.  I wasn’t hungry and it was the only thing that sounded halfway decent.

~PC and I watched two, get this, Christmas movies.  I was really in the mood for Christmas movies.  We watched, Will You Marry Me and Elf.  Ok truth be told, we both fell asleep during Elf but shhhhh don’t tell 🙂

~And now it’s Monday.

Then end 🙂

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  1. I think you're very cool. Had Tbug not met her step-dad before or did you mean he picked her up?? I'm easily confused. Sorry. Audrey is so sweet. Still no word from Bear I take it…You've been busy. Christmas movies already?? And I thought I was a little weird. ;o)

  2. No she knows her step-dad. Her mom has been remarried since not long after the divorce (not sure complete time frame but can guess based on some different knowledge). Her mom wasn't able to come pick her up so her step-dad came.

  3. What a busy weekend! Love the new puppy! SOOOO CUTE! Still praying bear makes his way back!

    I love small town festivals! They are my favorite!

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