Crazy Dreams!

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So I had to present at our Conference this last week.  I wasn’t alone, I was with another gal, however the last time I talked in front of 150+ people I was 10 years younger and I was running in queen contests.  It’s a bit overwhelming!

So here’s my dream from the night before.

Tammy and I were getting ready to present.  For whatever reason we were at a rodeo (of all places) talking about the SiiRS program (which is kind of my baby at work).  Flint Rassmusen, the Pro Rodeo entertainer introduced us (I know).  We get up there and start presenting and Tammy gets about 8-10 slides ahead of where we were actually talking.  She tried to go back and when it wouldn’t she gave up and left to go talk to her friends.

So here I was trying to scramble and get the stuff to go back and not having any luck.  So I ran around behind a wall and started fiddle farting with it trying to get it fixed.  James & Dave walked around and asked me just what in the Hell I was doing.  By this time I was in complete tears.

I explained that our presentation had videos and it wouldn’t back up and they told me to just get to presenting.  So I finally got the slides backed up and went to presenting.

After that I enjoyed a frito Pie (which I don’t really care for because usually chili has beans and I don’t like beans) and a lady from when I bought sheep when I was 15 years old came up and started asking me how my sheep were.

I then woke up but wasn’t completely awake to my dogs talking to each other, probably fighting over something, right outside my bedroom door.

And that’s how my Thursday morning started.

0 thoughts on “Crazy Dreams!

  1. haha! I had weird dreams last night… and the only part I really remember is that Adam Levine was there, and he was being mean to me… lol!

  2. Wow that's quite a mixture of things that were floating around in your brain 🙂 At least you weren't naked too lol.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I always have crazy dreams before I have to do something. Lat night I had a dream that we were moving into our new house, and they had cleaned the carpets, but there were big chunks of white stuff embedded in the carpet. All sorts of other things were all messed up in the house too.

  4. Whew! Glad you woke up. Try Texas Chili with out beans. Chili down here isn't chili if it has beans in it. You will love it and start craving Chili Pies.

    Thanks for the dream story you made me LOL.

    Deanna M

  5. That is a strange dreams- dreams are always so fun to try and interrupt though I rarely know what they mean.

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