Things They Don't Tell You

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Wow, this is my first time being pregnant. I know I’m 30… and that kind of still makes me old even in today’s society, but that’s okay, whatever :). Here are a few things they don’t tell you about being pregnant… or they do tell you but not to any extent… Or they tell you but you don’t believe until you experience… Okay you get the point…

+You’ll cry for any reason. Seriously?!?! I didn’t think I believed this one… but I knew I was pregnant just after we found out because the craziest things would set me off to crying, including but not limited to: tv commercials, sweet text messages, thoughts in my head, etc. It didn’t matter. Now I’m not sure if I got that under control or if it just went away.. but it was short lived.

+Toward the end, you’re always hungry. OMG, I swear one day I felt like I cleaned our house out and I was still hungry. Sadly I can’t remember everything I ate which brings me to my next point.

+You lose your memory/brain. Holy cow I swear… I’d be talking and completely forget what I was even talking about. I walked out of the house one day without my car keys, luckily hubby let me back in (although long ago I made it so I couldn’t be locked out of my house… it takes a key to lock you out). I’ve left my drivers license/money at home. I left my car keys sitting on a table at the school. Oy!

+The last couple weeks I think my hormones have gone into high gear. I cried, a lot. I was scared that God was actually giving me this baby I was going to be responsible for. I cried because I was happy. I cried because I was sad. I cried because I was mad. Heck I just cried.

+Don’t and I repeat DON’T take a pregnant woman’s food. You might lose a finger or a hand or pull back a nub when she’s done with you :). Fair warning!

+Also, don’t pick on her about her eating. By then she’s hungry. You’ll just upset her which in my case started the water works (go figure right). I also got mad and quit eating my food and went to bed hungry that night. Which just so happened to be the day after I went to bed hungry just because I couldn’t get enough food down me. I was always friggin hungry.

+But toward the end, nothing sounds good. Things that sounded good all along just lost appeal. I still loved cheeseburgers though, which helped.

+Everything HURTS. My wrists, my fingers, my feet, heck even my eyes and teeth hurt. I’m not kidding I felt like I was falling apart. And nothing seemed to help. Sitting made my bum hurt but standing made my feet swell and hurt. Laying in bed, the tops of my feet would finally start to ache because of all the swelling and releasing that happened in any given period of time. Everything hurt.

+Nesting. This was an interesting concept for me… I couldn’t stand the house being cluttered. It drove me out of my mind. But to say I went around cleaning… well other than cleaning up messes that bugged the ever loving tar out of me, I wasn’t constantly moping or dusting or sweeping or anything like that. I do have to admit people wearing shoes in my house really got on my nerves, but my mom also raised me that you take your shoes off in people’s houses (or at least do what they do…) so I’m sure that was engrained in my brain too. But yet, there were times I got my shoes on (which was a chore all in its own) and then I’d realized I had left something in my bedroom etc and have to wear shoes through the house which don’t worry I grumbled at myself for :). I can’t really explain because I don’t think it bugged me before… something new every day… lol.

+Stretch marks really do hurt. I had people questioning me but when mine would itch, if I barely touched them they hurt like they were on fire. And then at times they’d just hurt while I was doing absolutely nothing.

+I don’t know about a lot of people but I also created an excessive amount of snot. I’d have sworn I was allergic to everything in the world for as much as I had to blow my nose. And colds… forgetaboutit. They don’t go away. I fought a cold for 10 weeks and then quit counting.

+You will get clumsy at the end. I swear I spent more time picking things up off the floor than I did doing anything. And bending over to actually pick it up… again forgetaboutit. I’d get so frustrated because it was hard to bend over. I started picking things up with my toes if I could to avoid bending over.

So when people asked if I am ready for the baby, I am torn with my answer. I am ready for hopefully things to go back to normal which I’m still not sure will happen… ask me again in a few months, but I am scared out of my friggin mind. Again, ask me this question in a few months and we’ll see what my answer is 🙂

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