Father's Day 2014

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Father’s Day was nice and relaxed this year. It was a rainy morning so it was extremely easy to sleep in and extremely hard to get out of bed yesterday morning.

A few weeks ago hubby actually went and picked up his big Father’s Day present, partially because I had it narrowed down to 2 and I couldn’t decide which route to go and partially because he had the truck and he could wrestle the thing around. I decided that hubby was going to get a new ice chest, cooler, whatever you want to call it. I had it narrowed down to a smaller one and a larger one. We learned over Memorial Day that our small one we have actually kept the cool in so we decided to go for the larger one and I found a GREAT price on it. So it’s been sitting in our living room for a while. Like I said, hubby had to go pick it up 🙂 Ah the perks of being pregnant 🙂

When we got up Sunday morning Tbug and I got the cards that we got for hubby and went and took them into the bedroom for him. Now hubby’s favorite candy bar is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and I just so happened to see these on instagram one night so I knew that hubby needed these too…

I’m not a huge Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup fan, but these were pretty darn tasty!

We had plans to meet my parents at Red Lobster for lunch so we finally drug ourselves up out of bed and all got dressed and headed there to meet them. Lunch was good, but word to the wise, don’t tease a pregnant girl about food, please oh please!

A year ago we started a tradition with my dad for Father’s Day of getting him peanut butter. I don’t really know why so this year was no different and we got dad Peanut Butter and a new Eat Beef License plate for his truck since his other one finally dry rotted and fell off after 10+ish years.

The bull even looks like a Santa Gertrudis which we have Gert cows, how nice!!

Then we came home, hubby cleaned on the pool with the help of Tbug while I sat with my feet up (like the dr told me to do). Once they were done, Tbug and hubby came in and helped me make dessert for Sunday Night Dinner. I saw it all over Facebook and had to try it. Yum!!!

We were supposed to freeze it for 4 hours… um… yeah it got like 2 1/2… oh well YUM!

And that was Father’s Day 🙂

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