Happy Father's Day

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It is:

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy:

And a Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Husband:

And Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Father-in-law

And I would also like to remember my Grandpa S & my Grandpa J (In that order) on this day for celebrating Father’s.  I hope they have Father’s Day in heaven because you deserve to be honored too!

I hope all the Father’s, Soon to be Father’s and so on have a wonderful Father’s Day!

So CA Girl introduced me to a new tradition, that she was also introduced to.  It is the Red Plate Tradition.

Basically anything special and anyone special you want to honor (birthdays, graduations, FATHER’S DAY) you let them eat off a red plate.  She googled it because there is a poem that goes with it and she shared the poem with me, so I thought I would share the poem with ya’ll.  I plan on starting this tradition every chance I get.

May today be one of many red letter days
Times you’ll remember in so many ways
This gift is a tradition for you to start
A gift of love, straight from the heart
On days that are special that you’ll want to
Set out the red plate to celebrate it all
Honor the person and their great feat
On this special plate, let them joyously eat
It may be a birthday, promotion, good grade
A Little League win or wise choice that was made
May your years together as husband and wife
Bring you countless special days throughout your life
These wonderful times will come and go
Keep the red plate at the ready as your blessings flow

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