Quilt Block 6, 7, & 8

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Last week I picked out the material for block 6 but we ran out of time trying to accomplish it. When I got to grandma’s today, she already had the pieces cut up ready to go. Good thing too, except I messed it up and it took longer to get it fixed. It was because grandma had changed the foot feeder (technical name I do not know) and I misguided what I was sewing and made my seam to big. It was supposed to be like a 1/4″ seam and it was like a half inch. That will really mess things up and I had to rip it all apart. I’m getting pretty good with the seam ripper although I’m not sure that’s something I want to brag about!

I think block 7 is one of my favorites, I really like the coloring. And quilt block 8 is actually bigger than the others. So far we’ve been making 12″ blocks but it was an 18″ block. This quilt top will come out asymmetrical which I will have issues with as I like symmetrical things… but… she has it where you can make it symmetrical, however I’m going to go with it. I’m going to embrace it.

Abug actually picked out the blocks for quilt block 6. This kid has been picking out colors and helping cut and helping sew. These are memories she may not remember because she’s only 2, but she’ll hopefully always have this quilt block and the pictures to last as a lifetime of memories.

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