Christmas Program

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Last night Prince Charming and I went to Tbug’s School Christmas program. It was very interesting. It’s been a LONG time since I have been to a childs school program. I’m not completely sure what I thought but Tbug was one of the Narrators and she did an awesome job. I could hear her and she spoke clearly. I got a few photos. I’m extremely excited to start a scrap book of just her. I plan to do that after Christmas. I have been collecting photos of her from her different events. I know short sweet and to the point. Here are some photos to share 🙂

Tbug goes to Private School so classes are small so this was 2 year olds through 3rd grade

Tbug did an excellent job with her lines!!

Another one of Tbug! Prince Charming’s camera got some pretty good distance!

Nope, I’m not proud 🙂

Ok I had to share this photo, it was just perfect timing, the girl next to Tbug looks like she is head banging or something. Super cute!

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