Kansas City Christmas

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Boy don’t you just love this time of the year?? It’s so festive and beautiful, all the lights and decorations and smells and spirits and the list goes on and on! Well my Grandpa’s sister lives in Shawnee Mission, KS (Kansas City); every year we head to Kansas City on the Sunday before Christmas to have lunch with them and just visit. This year’s trip was yesterday! I was so excited because Prince Charming & Tbug got to go with me. Unfortunately we had to take my car, I love my car and I’m not ready to get rid of it, but boy when the 3 of us go, it would be nice to have a bigger car. I can’t even steal my mom’s, she drives a 2 seater, definitely doesn’t work with 3 people however when you pop the trunk, it has a diagram that shows how to get 2 golf bags in the trunk… guess we know what age group they are targeting ;). Anyway we met at an Italian restaurant on the Kansas side of KC I believe. I can’t remember the name but boy was the food GOOD! Margie did a great job picking the place, but that’s only to be expected! After that we headed to Margie’s house in Mission Hills (instead of Aunt Sue’s this year). First time I’ve ever been in her house and boy was it beautiful! I absolutely loved her Christmas tree. It reminds me of a Charlie Brown type Christmas tree but it was absolutely gorgeous! This photo doesn’t do it justice!!! Prince Charming, Tbug & I headed over to the Plaza since we were so close and passed by this beautiful park. We just had to stop and take pictures! I loved it! We didn’t have my big camera because as usual, I forgot. I even set it out to take and walked off without it so we used Prince Charming’s point and shoot. It was chilly but hey we were in KC in December, what can you expect?? After that we did make it to the Plaza and walked around a bit. Then went back to Margie’s before heading home. On the way home we played an app called Would you Rather, (ie would you rather live in a cage of snakes or a cage of spiders, would you rather eat sand or clay, etc). It was fun and passed the time. Then we went by the light display by the Vietnamese in Carthage and then home. I think we were all pooped by the time we got home. I know I was in bed and probably asleep right after 9:30. Once I got home I had to call and talk to Prince Charming… LOL… I know I was with him all day but was just in a chatty mood but I couldn’t last any longer.

Margie’s Tree but seriously, this photo doesn’t do it justice!!

Tbug & Me at the restaurant

Grandpa & Aunt Sue

We found a very nice man who took our photo all together!!

Tbug & me at the park

Daddy loves his little girl!

The water was frozen and made for a cool shot!

She is such a ham!! 🙂

This would have been a great shot if my hair hadn’t fallen in my face 🙁

Prince Charming & me back at Margie’s House

Addy (Margie’s daughter) has a 2 year old, Briggs, and he fell in love with Tbug. She was hiding from him.

haha this is a funny photo of Uncle Jack (aka Jackie by me)

The light tunnel at the light display

Prince Charming, Tbug & I loved this light set up!

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