Surviving Christmas!!

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This was actually the easiest, most fun Christmas I’ve had in years, we’re talking YEARS!! It was laid back, relaxed, no one was upset, no one was mad, there wasn’t extreme running around trying to get everyone everywhere and getting people mad b/c we were running late. If every year could be this easy, bring on Christmas (and yes it is my favorite holiday!). Aunt Connie had to work on Christmas Day this year (since she’s a doctor, we have to work around her schedule at times) so we celebrated with Aunt Connie & Brad, mom & dad, Prince Charming, Tbug & me on the night of the 23rd. I had to work the day of the 23rd so I made Prince Charming a deal, he got to go to my house and help my mom by being my replacement for the day. She had him wrapping presents, cooking, cleaning and I’m sure whatever else she needed help with, and he made Brad’s corn, compliments to the chef! By the end of the night there wasn’t much at all left. It was my grandma’s recipe and I was the only one who had it so I found it and that was the corn recipe for this Christmas. We also had baked Spaghetti (that Prince Charming & I worked on making the night before), garlic toast, and cheesecake, Plus some appetizer dips to start the night out. We were all stuffed by the end of the night. Tbug’s mom brought Tbug to me here at work when I got off so we buzzed home and pulled in right before Aunt Connie & Brad got there. The tradition at our house is to eat appetizers, open presents, eat dinner/dessert, and then play with all our new gifts (or try them on).

Merry Christmas Baby!

Of course we all need Santa hats!

Kissy attack!! She took it like a trooper!

Who says you need Mistletoe to kiss?

Tbug opening presents

me opening presents

Prince Charming’s got the camera 😉

You have to try on new clothes… ps he’s dropped a pants size! Way to go baby!

This is just beautiful… no lights but Christmas

Christmas Eve was pretty laid back also. Prince Charming woke up and made us Christmas Eve breakfast. OMG was it delicious! Then we went out, saddled up Aloha with Tbug’s new saddle, and her mom and family came out to watcher her ride her new saddle she got for Christmas from her Grandma. After that we went in the house to warm up and shower. Prince Charming & I had plans to go to Midnight Church services but a small ice/snow storm blew in so all services around here got cancelled. We went and toughed out the crowd at Hobby Lobby (which was non-existent) and then mom had a list of stuff she wanted from the store. We started to go to Wal-Mart and decided against that so we went to Food-4-Less. Much better. It was still busy but not nearly like Wal-Mart. Then we headed home and played John Deere Monopoly which I kicked Prince Charming’s butt at. I love you hunny!!! And then that night headed to his house to stay so we could get up first thing Christmas morning to go down and see his family.

All snazzed up, new shirt, jeans, boots & jacket! Baby you look HOTT!!

Playing John Deere Monopoly

Christmas morning, as my normal tradition, I was awake by 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I love my sleep but something about Christmas morning and I’m wide awake. Prince Charming & I watched Christmas Vacation and finally it was time to get up and go to his sisters. We had a wonderful breakfast strata thing at her house, opened a few presents and then headed to my grandma’s. Grandma had breakfast too but we were way to stuffed to eat so we passed. Then opened presents and then grandma started on lunch. At noon Prince Charming’s mom came over and he went to get Tbug from her mom. After that it was back to our house for Tbug to see what Santa brought her there. Then his mom took Tbug to her house and I passed out from all the excitement and finally tiredness. I can’t stress it enough, this was one of THE BEST, stress free Christmas’ I’ve experienced in forever and I got to share it with the ones I love. Oh by the way, it snowed, so we had a White Christmas. Now I’m sick of it and it can go away!! Bring on 90 degrees!

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, oh no wait that’s real!

Sitting at Grandma’s!

Santa brought Tbug a Cowgirl hat!

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