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This was quite the weekend, that’s no lie! I’m not real sure I did a whole lot but so much was done at the same time… Let me explain!

Friday night we picked Tbug up from her mom and then went to dinner. From there we went home real quick to grab my camera (which I should have taken with me) and grab Hank and we headed to the ball fields. Earl asked if I could take some pictures of TB for her since they missed picture days. I said no problemo! So went to the ball fields and watched his game and then I took pics of TB.

Hank being the ham that he is didn’t know what to do about that leash. It was his first time being on a leash in fact. Hubby and Tbug said that while walking him through the parking lot he would plant his feet and then jump straight up almost like a rabbit. He was funny! By the end of the night he started to get the hang of it.

We finally got home and to bed around 11. Why so late? don’t ask me because I can’t explain really.

Then Saturday we got up and headed over to the arena close to our house because NCHA day was going on. It’s kind of a big deal :). My dad was planning on showing so we wanted to go over and at least watch him since I still can’t show or really even ride a horse right now. bummer!

When we got there dad said that if Tbug wanted to show, get her signed up. We asked her if she’d like to take a chance at winning a belt buckle and she jumped at the chance so we signed her up and then hubby and I ran home to get her hat, spurs (although I didn’t put them on her) and a long sleeved shirt. Dad showed and did really well but I would have sworn a cow kicked poor KG. Dad said it didn’t though.

But Tbug, for her first show did AWESOME! She had a bit of a rough go and I should have put her spurs on her because KG can be cantankerous sometimes but really, once they got the pre-jitters out of the way everything went great! Now Tbug is ready to show again. I think we created a monster.

Boy was Saturday hot. I think being pregnant didn’t help that feeling on my part though. :). After the show we took KG home and picked my mom up and all went out to dinner. Boy was food good by that point!

We went home and crashed. Well I did anyway… lol. Tbug and hubby packed up dive equipment and loaded it into the truck because……

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to head to church. Dive gear needed for church? Nope. Last weekend Tbug had some hiccups in getting scuba certified so Diver Dan took her down Sunday after church (yesterday) and finished up her Scuba Certification. So now Miss Tbug is Scuba Certified as well.

What did I do? I stood in the lake water and kept getting bit by fish :).

I told you, a lot was done but I’m not real sure I did much of anything except sweat my butt off :). Now here we are Monday morning and summer school starts. Wish me luck! I’m going to need it. Especially since my due date is during finals week…

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