Tbug Conversations

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Don’t you absolutely love having conversations with kids sometimes?  You just never know what will come out of their mouth… seriously!

Ok so let me paint the picture… Sunday we were riding around on the 4-wheeler picking up rocks and sticks and looking for a piece to the mower when I killed the 4-wheeler.  I figured hubby would be back soon so we decided to sit there on the 4-wheeler/trailer and wait for him when this conversation happened:

Tbug:  How can cows eat this? (referring to the hay)
Me: Eat what?
Tbug: This…. (picking it up) Humans can’t eat this just like cows can’t eat chocolate.Me: Can’t eat what?
Tbug: Chocolate
Me: Oh, I thought you said Tacos.
Tbug: Well they can’t eat those either or they’d have gas.
Me: Gas?
Tbug: Yeah like dad.
Me: Oh…..
Tbug: Oh you know he gets it

and then it went on with me saying she gets it too yada yada but this conversation had me cracking up the whole time.

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  1. I've had a few interesting conversations like that myself 🙂 Kids you got to love how their brains work lol

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