Total Randomness

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Yeah so I’m not sure there is any rhyme or reason to this post… So bare with me (or bear if you’d like).

1. Big Red Truck died.
Prince Charming’s truck had some major piece go out and it was getting harder and harder to start so I told him to get the piece to fix it. They said b/c his truck is a 2005 (or newer) it has to be programmed or it won’t run.

So Big Maroon Truck (dad’s truck) had to tow Big Red Truck to town…..

Bad photo, taken following them with my camera phone. 🙁

Update, Big Red Truck runs again!!!!!

2. I didn’t eat breakfast today, nothing looked or sounded good. Now I’m hungry. Why couldn’t it be Monday again… We had a birthday to celebrate with these:

It was Chocolate Banana Cake & Chocolate Covered Strawberries…. YUM!

3. Donkey Donk sold. No more random wake-up calls from him at 2am

4. I didn’t want to have to worry about our rings getting lost at the wedding with the ring bearer so my mom said she’d just sew some rings onto a pillow for me. Well PC’s mom went to an auction and got a crapton (yes that’s a word) of jewelry and let me pick through it. I chose these 2 rings to be sewn onto our pillow. Aren’t they pretty!?!? Then the pillow will go into our bedroom decor.

5. I think Bear is tired. I’m feeling his pain today!

6. Here’s the Church we are getting married at. I became a member way back when, when you did things like that :). I think I was like 12. I’ve gone to this church even longer than that. I remember I couldn’t wait until I got to call myself a member on the church attendance. My parents also got married in this church and it is just beautiful on the inside. I so knew this is where I wanted to get married! We go to this church if we don’t go to Mark’s church on Sundays :).

7. Last year I went to a flower shop and got this Tree/bush/plant thing. It’s actually called a Lantana.

They said it was an annual but if I brought it indoors in the winter and took off all leaves up to about the top 3 inches I could turn it into a tree that looks like this:

This was their tree/bush/plant thing :). I fell in love and just knew I wanted one. They said theirs was about 4 years old. So I bought one last year. Last summer PC named the tree/bush/plant thing Herbert since he’ll be in our lives for a while :). Here is Herbert after 1 year.

The lighting was bad and it was just taken off my phone camera. I have progressive shots of Herbert all along. He’s slowly morphing into the Tree :). I bought one for a co-worker this year to try since I told her about mine all last year. We’ll see what happens 🙂

Thank you for taking a step into my thoughts today. My brain is very Random. I feel scatter brained today for some reason. Must be b/c it’s Hump Day (Wednesday).

Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday and don’t miss me to much 🙂

Lots of Love,

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