She’s Saddled – Coronavirus Day 18 (also)

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This is Granny. Everyone, meet Granny, Granny, this is everyone.

She is a 2-year-old mare that we have. The youngest horse we have on our place. And it is time that we start doing something with her. She needs to earn her keep. haha. A few years ago I broke Bucky to ride. He was such an awesome horse. We sold him last year and to say I’m a little bitter about this… I am. I hear he’s an awesome horse though and the people who bought him are in love with him. That’s good.

A few years before that I broke Barbie to ride. Now… Once I got her broke, then I got pregnant and was “grounded” from riding horses for 9+ months… so my dad finished her for me. Because of potential complications, the doctors wouldn’t allow me to ride.

But now… we have Granny. That’s her barn name. A barn name is what you call them in the barn, etc… but they also have a registered name. Anyway…

A few months ago I decided I was going to bring her up out of the pasture, into the barn, and break her to ride. Then I screwed the pooch. Wow, not really. That’s such a weird saying. Let’s just say I didn’t do what I planned on doing. That sounds better! Because I DID. NOT. SCREW. THE. POOCH. Again, such a weird phrase.

So after I got some groundwork done on her, my dad took over. And as of today… she’s officially been saddled. That is a good thing. Now we just have to work on getting on her back. Patience… patience is a virtue… and really something I need to learn.

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