I made Homemade Pretzels… Coronavirus Day 18

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I really think I should start calling it social distancing or homebound or something other than coronavirus. Ugh!

Earlier this year I went on the Keto Diet. Right now, I say screw that. We’re really supposed to stay home and out of stores, etc. So buying all the extra, special items to make Keto meals seems silly, plus I just want a little comfort. I love to bake and cook. And truthfully, while I tend to be a homebody, I’m sick of this staying home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Frozen 2. Not as many as Frozen (the original), but pretty darn close. Although I have to say I think I like the original Frozen better. My little thinks that they are going to do a Frozen 3. I’m not sure. It’ll sure be interesting, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I think I totally digressed. That’s where my brain is these days. Half the time I really have to think about what day it is. The little’s dance classes have moved to online. Last week, we missed 2 of the 3. I just plum forgot. So my goal for this week is to make all 3. I made yesterday’s and today’s, so that’s 2 of 3. Now just 1 more to go. I’ll let you know how I do. It’s the little things in life.

But today I wanted comfort food, so I made homemade pretzels. Holy YUM! So this isn’t the first time I’ve made homemade pretzels. In fact, I’ve made this particular recipe twice in the last 2 weeks. Yes, they are that good. Last week when I made this particular recipe for the first time, I made Beer Cheese Soup to go with it. This time, I thought I had cheese sauce in the fridge from last Thursday night’s meal, so I planned on dipping in that. Funny thing is, hubby and I COULDN’T find it, ANYWHERE. We had some cheese dip from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town, so we warmed that up. I was a bit skeptical, but holy yum!

Guys, these things are super easy to make. I am being a bit stingy on my flour because I still can’t get that in stores around here. But at the same time, comfort. In this extreme time of uncertainty. 

Here’s How

You start out with water, brown sugar, and salt. dissolve, then add the yeast. last week I did Instant, today I did active dry. I actually had better luck with my active dry, but both worked.

 Then after it sits for 5 minutes, you add flour and melted butter.

Then you can either hand knead or let the mixer do its job. I can’t find my dough hook, so I just did what my grandma always does and used the paddle. Hey, Grandma makes kick a** bread so why question her. She has 51 years of experience on me. Last week I used my hands and worked out my frustration while kneading. Today I let the mixer run for 10 minutes. That’s what Grandma says you have to do. Again, why question it?

Then let it proof (rise) for about an hour. I stuck it in the microwave covered just so no cool breeze would mess it up.

Then you roll/slap it against the counter into a long roll, form the pretzel.

Next, you boil in baking soda water. That’s what gives it the chewy outer texture and the soft insides.

Slather in melted butter and salt.

Now bake. Then eat. Simple as that!

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