Lunch Date

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Not mine though…. oh no…. so a while back hubby got a phone call from some of our friends. They had been in a class and had a lunch break and asked if we wanted to meet them for lunch. We said sure. When they heard Abug was coming… It was all about their lunch date with Abug.

I just love it… and might be a little jealous of that cute sweetheart! haha. Nah!

Anyway we met them at a restaurant called Tropicana Bar & Grille

They got fried pickles. Oh my goodness… these were awesome! Totally worth it! They were quite hot, for some reason fried pickles keep their heat, but the breading was nice and crunchy and the pickles had a great pickley taste to them. Dipped in Ranch dressing, you can’t knock it!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s Fried Mushrooms. I like mushrooms anyway, except raw in a salad and truthfully, I’ll even eat them then too. I just prefer cooked mushrooms over raw. The breading batter must have been the same. They were excellent, let’s just put it that way!

I read through the list of burgers and decided on the Buddha Gouda. Other than it was a little spicier than I would have imagined, it was excellent. Sautéed onions, bacon, & Buddha sauce (that’s what was spicy) with Gouda cheese on a Kaiser roll. And the fries were quite good too. Yum!

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