Total Randomness & a Recipe

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1.  Ok so I was on Doris’ blog (Organized Chaos) this morning and she suggested we go off and try a virtual snowflake maker.  Say what??  Yep you read correctly!  Click HERE and you’ll too be on your way to having a Snow Day!

2.  I think house breaking my dog will be the absolute end of me!  She doesn’t get the concept for some reason that when she goes outside, don’t sit at the front door (even for 2 hrs), instead go do your business and then you can come back in the house.  Nope, she was outside last night for 2ish hours, came in and pooped and oh boy did it reek!  So this morning I let her out, in fact she was out for almost an hour.  She came back into the house and decided to pee.  OY!!!  Anyone have any suggestions on how to train her?

3.  A screen saver I saw on a computer here at work was a dictionary.  It gave you a word, the pronunciation, a definition and allowed you to see more… Weird!!!

4.  Have I ever told you, I HATE cold weather with a passion?  I went running the other night and I swear I thought I was going to die, muscles in both legs locked up and I seriously thought I was going to fall face first into the driveway.  NOT fun!  I proceeded to walk from there.

5.  Oh that was when I took my dog for a walk because she has figured out that if we go for walks, that is time to do her beezness… now if I could just convince her to do it while I’m not walking her around in the freezing cold.

6.  Every time I cough, my husband says Bless You… Weird-o!

7.  But he’s my Weird-o!!  I’m not sure anyone else could handle him… (sorry hunny I so had to take the jab 🙂 I love you!!!)

8.  Yes he reads my blog religiously, even when he knows what I’m writing.  He loves me like that!

9.  I seriously can’t believe it is December 1st already!  My mom’s birthday is Sunday… wonder what we’ll do for her.

10.  Guess I’ll leave you with this recipe from the other night.  It is something someone shared with me and it’s super yummy and very easy and fairly quick.

French Bread Cheeseburger
This usually makes 2 loaves… I cut the recipe in half so what you are seeing here is the half version.  I’ll tell you the full version… it freezes great!

2 lbs of Hamburger
3/4 block Velveeta Cheese
2 Cans Cream of Mushroom Soup
2 Loaves French Bread

Ground up a lb of hamburger along with some onion.

My husband is the seasoning king so I let him go to town!  These are the seasonings he chose.  You can use whatever your heart desires.

Once the Hamburger is browned and drained and seasoned, add your cream of mushroom soup and the Velveeta cheese.

While that is all melting together (it helps if you are an octopus here and have 8 arms) and getting stirred (husbands come in handy too when they aren’t running the camera ;)) cut your French bread horizontally.

Then pull out the insides (making sort of a bowl), throwing the insides of the bread into the hamburger mixture and stirring in.  (again Octopus arms or husbands are great here)

Once everything is mixed in and stirred up well fill the inside of  your French bread and place the top on it.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and bake for 10-15 minutes.  Voila! You have dinner!

Peace, Love and Yummy Food!


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0 thoughts on “Total Randomness & a Recipe

  1. It does indeed look like a great recipe. I am guessing that you do not dilute the soup, correct?

    No help with the dog, I'm afraid. Not a dog person. 🙁

  2. Looks yummy. As for the dog, I was going to suggest walking her.But seeing as you have that down, here goes , everytime she eats , put her outside , and use some cue(as in “go potty?”) when walking her when she does her business, use the same cue when you put her out after a meal, a nap , a drink, playing… you get the drift. Also until she is better house trained , try a kennel indoor. last think ,if she ,well toots, thats a good sign too that she needs to go out.

  3. Looks yummy!

    As for your dog, Cocker's are notoriously hard to house break! 😉

    That said, if I were you, I'd go out with her and say “Go Potty!” until she does, and then praise the heck outta her and go immediately in the house. Until she gets housebroken, you'll need to go out with her every time. Once she's trained then you can let her out and she'll go.

    Have fun!

  4. I'm the worst dog housetrainer, don't ask me. I have collies and they are so smart they must just figure it out for themselves.

  5. When I potty trained Bodie, I was relentless. I stood outside with him and said “go potty” over and over, when he did go potty, he got IMMENSE praise and a treat. Eventually he got the concept.

    Good luck, I know it's not easy! :/

  6. I have always maintained that my husband and I were totally meant for each other because nobody else in the world would put up with either one of us. haha.

    Hope your pup gets the idea soon!

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