Gobble! Gobble, Gobble!

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This year I had way to much to be Thankful for!!!  Yes, there have been heartaches along the way and troubles, but I think that is why they call this life and not heaven.  I believe in heaven you definitely don’t have to deal with the problems and issues you do down here on Earth, but this is truly a gift from God.  He sees you through what you need.

We went to my aunt’s house in Southern Oklahoma.  When I think of Southern Oklahoma, I definitely don’t think of ice and snow, but I don’t think of cold weather in the desert either… That’s what I get for living in SW MO, where if you don’t like the weather, hang around 30 minutes and it’ll change.

When we got down around the Arbuckle Mountains we were greeted with ice on the trees.  My aunt said it had rained there earlier that morning and that it froze into the trees.  On the radio heading out of town we heard that it was snowing in town, we missed all of that.

When we pulled into AC & B’s place I was taken by the ice on the pipe fences… That meant I had room to play.  I grabbed my camera and took off running!

It was super cold down there for running around in a sweatshirt like I was but I didn’t care.  Once I finally came in from outside, I was behind everyone else, I heard my aunt ask where I was.  When they told her I was taking pictures, my uncle said, bring your camera, take pictures of this so out the back door I went, this time without my shoes on (you don’t walk in my aunts house in shoes) and of course they proceeded to be mean and lock me outside but whatever, I got the pictures they didn’t!

So after I finally got back inside I decided to take pictures of the desserts lining my aunt’s table.  I had my telephoto lens on and was to lazy to switch out so I was standing clear across the kitchen to get these photos.

Those are the only food photos I chose to take….

Last year PC and I spent Thanksgiving afternoon running around in the 50 degree weather taking photos.  I thought it would be fun to do that this year but 30 degree temps, No Thank you!  But in the end we wound up running outside for a few snap shots.  As you can see, here I am setting up the photo… no I’m not shooting into a mirror, PC was on the other side of me taking my picture while I was playing with the settings to get our photo.

Then we ran around to the front of the house to use her front entrance for a few shots.

And the sky was absolutely breathtaking!  These photos don’t do it any justice!!!

Then back to the back of the house to take more sky photos!!!  It was beautiful!

On Friday we got up and the girls headed out shopping, the boys headed on into Ft. Worth for the NCHA Futurity that is going on there and then we all met up at the house my aunt & uncle are renting (to save on hotel bills) and stayed the night there.  Friday night we got to watch some of the World Finals for the Open and Non Pro classes.

So we had an eventful and productive Thanksgiving weekend!  I was sad for one reason, I didn’t get to see the Sunrise on Saturday morning over my aunt & uncle’s field like last year :(… Oh well… I got to go to Ft. Worth, you win some, you lose some!

Peace, Love & Family time!


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  1. We get freezing fog like that and it's BEAUTIFUL! Dangerous as heck, but beautiful. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and got such lovely pics!

  2. >>, there have been heartaches along the way and troubles, but I think that is why they call this life and not heaven.<< So very true!! What a lovely place and some lovely desserts. Made me cold and hungry at the same time LOL!

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