Tbug’s Favorite place – JL’s BBQ – Pryor, OK

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Holy Cow this was a whirlwind of a weekend.  I’m here but I’m not sure I’m fully here!

A little over a month ago probably my dad sent an email with the AQHA World show schedule on it.  When I compared that with a calendar I noticed that it would be a Tbug weekend.  Plans were made and set and this last weekend, Mom, Dad, Tbug, hubby and I all set forth headed toward OKC for the AQHA World show.

Now back in April when we took Tbug with us down to Texas to pick Squirty back up from the breeders we went down 69 hwy through Oklahoma which puts you right through Pryor and Tbug got to experience JL’s BBQ.  From then on, the kid has been hooked.  That’s all it seems she talks about.  You say Pryor and she says JL’s.  She compares all other BBQ, especially ribs to JL’s.  I tell you, the kid is hooked!

Now, Pryor is by no means on the way from home to OKC, but who cares.  It wasn’t that far out of the road.

I seriously need Go Go Gadget Arms for photos like these!

The closer we got, the more excited she got. I’m not kidding either.  In fact,  her mom told me that she had mentioned JL’s quite a few times, especially this last week.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had anything but their ribs.  I generally go for the Broasted Potatoes and green beans for my sides.  Dad and hubby think they’d just forgo the broasted potatoes and stick with the beans.  I don’t like beans (unless they’re green) but these weren’t bad.  They had a slight bite (spice) to them.

They give you huge portion sizes too.  What works best for us is dad, hubby, mom and I get a plate and Tbug gets to snack off everyone’s plate.  Sadly, the portions are soooo big that we all walk away full and sadly there is usually food left behind.

And if you need any convincing, here’s Tbug to prove she loves the stuff!  Sadly or maybe not so sadly, this time at least she didn’t get bbq sauce clear up under her glasses… lol.

There’s so much more to our weekend but I just had to share one of Tbug’s favorite places to eat.

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