Ft. Worth Bound – Part I + a Giveaway

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So last Wednesday night, I may or may not have posted this photo on Instagram.  And EmmyMom may or may not have said I looked like I was up to something…  My reply – a couple days vacation!!!  It was 5pm and I was headed to my parents house so we could move out!

Part of the goal was to make it to Pryor to JL’s (shhhh don’t tell Tbug!!) for dinner.  Hello Yummy!

Then we were back on the road headed to Ft. Worth!  We made it as far as Durant and everyone was tired and sick of being in the car so we stopped in at a hotel for the evening.  Btw, it was warmer at home than it was in Durant that night!

Next morning we were up and at em headed to Pilot Point, TX, for a stop at Paul Taylor’s tack store before heading on to Ft. Worth.

Hello Red River & the Texas State Line!  You know, we’ve seen a bunch of the Texas state line this year, but not as much as I did when I was a little kid!  I was the master traveler as a kid because we used to show horses all over Oklahoma and Texas.

When we got to Paul Taylor’s this lovely kitty followed me all around the store.  I think she/he really wanted this saddle, but it really wasn’t my cup of tea! 🙂

I did manage to sweet talk my daddy into stopping at Starbucks for a sweet Holiday Treat after we left Paul Taylor’s!  This was a Peppermint Mocha Frappe!  mmmmm!

So we didn’t really need to be to the Will Roger’s Coliseum until 4pm on Thursday afternoon so we decided to go kill a few hours down at the Stockyards.

I so should have bought this just because it was cute!  I didn’t though… I resisted the urge!

The Stockyards used to be where they shipped cattle in and out of Ft. Worth.  All the stores are in old stores &/or cattle holding grounds.  Now the Coliseum there at the Stockyards they still hold rodeo’s in, however they no longer use this as shipping grounds for cattle.  It’s just a main attraction.  The train though still runs on these tracks but for pleasure only.  Someday I’ll have to ride the train just to say I’ve done it!

I think I need the red lipstick to pull this look off, what do you think?

Just a different shot of a portion of the stockyards.  By this point we were walking up toward Riscky’s Steakhouse to grab a bite to eat before heading to our hotel to check in.



After we were done with lunch we headed to the hotel to check in and drop off our luggage and then headed to Will Rogers to watch the NCHA Amateur & Non Pro Finals of the 2012 NCHA Futurity.

Cutting horses are a blast if I do say so myself!


Amateur Winner – Destini Benson, on Jimmy Cracked Corn, by Widows Freckles
Amateur Reserve – Luke Barnhart, on Hal Of A Mate

Non Pro Winner – Paula Wood, on Donas Suen Boon with a 220
Non Pro Reserve – Greg Coalson,  aboard Mia Browbeater, with a 219

We got back to the hotel around Midnight, ate at Jack in the Box because they have a 24 hr drive through and we all crashed for the evening.

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  1. Well looks like you had fun in your up to no goodness 😉

    Love the Texas mistletoe- too funny. The stock yards look like they would be such a fun place to go.

    Glad you had a great weekend.

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