Christmas Cards 2010

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So last year we decided to do a family photo even though then we weren’t technically a family.

But it’s kind of a tradition that PC and I want to keep going, well in to our 90’s :)… So yesterday we planned on taking our family photo since Tbug was with us.  Boy it just spelled disaster! 🙁

Unfortunately there were just too many shadows on Tbug & PC’s faces through these.

The hat was bought with this intention until my mom told me to put it on.

Dang it… why wasn’t I looking at the camera?

Tbug has a hard time keeping her hair out of her face.

Oh good, now Audrey isn’t cooperating.

The Tbug started throwing her arms around saying Ho Ho Ho.

Now arms & PC not looking…

Audrey was getting fussy!

Here’s the horse whisperer and what on earth is Tbug doing now?

Yo Nicole, Look up!

Ok so let’s try this again, oh wait, we’re missing one person
Oh that’s right, she’s chasing KG (big show gelding) around the yard b/c he let himself out through the gate

And there goes the Santa hat… dang

Who needs smiles? Tbug has that one down good 🙂 Yey 🙂  Guess PC and I should take lessons!

And truthfully, the top of my head is highly overrated!

shadows shadows shadows, heads missing, and Tbug was ???? and I think Audrey was trying to jump down.

Oh now that isn’t so bad!

But finally we got one we were proud of 🙂

Now help me off here please baby!

These are all SOOC (straight out of camera).  I did doctor the one we used up a bit but I have to same some mystery right?


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0 thoughts on “Christmas Cards 2010

  1. I love the one you choose! Our dog, Tebow, refused to look at the camera so he looks slightly handicapped in the photo – but whatever.

  2. Yes, I sort of like the goofy ones too. Looks you had some fun. You're all patient with each other at least. That makes it a real family–tolerating each others screw ups.

  3. LOL that was really entertaining to read/see the progression—because I TOTALLY know that frustration! Looks like some fun though 🙂 You know you HAVE to include a collage photo and have some of the funny ones too!

  4. I feel your pain! It's so hard to get everyone and everything to cooperate. The wind was blowing during our attempts too. My hair was all over the place. But I bet y'all got some keepers!

  5. Oh, I have got to get my sis to take ours!!! Last year I slacked and was sending out Christmas cards a week before Christmas. I swore I wouldn't do that again! 😉

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