365 – June – Photos 275-304 – Take 2

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275/366 – Roses are red………

276/366 – The end of the rainbow is at the back of the barn. Does that mean what’s in the barn is the pot of gold?

277/366 – I think Sis is getting the short end of the stick… Only one of these colts she’s sharing with is hers…

278/366 – NCHA Day 2016

279/366 – Helping Karen work her new filly… She didn’t buck. We’re sure it’s because the filly “read” the sign Jared wrote to her on the gate…. LOL

280/366 – Well on our way to hay season… sorta

281/366 – Thank you Jared for your help. And Addison says thank you for letting her ride around too!

282/366 – She’s our water baby! Semi patiently waiting to get her swim suit on and get in the water…

283/366 – First field of hay season, done! 69 1/2 bales.

284/366 – I carried a Watermelon

285/366 – Field 2, baled! Whew… I found these flowers still in the field. I guess the cutter didn’t cut them. They are pretty even if they might be weeds? I don’t know… I don’t know flowers

286/366 – Like my new kicks?

297/366 – Hats throughout the years of the Mule show and Trails for Kids, displayed at the Support Group Appreciation Dinner.

288/366 – It didn’t take much convincing for her to squirt him with the water mister

289/366 – Let’s start them young!

290/366 – The view of the evening

291/366 – Day 2 of this view. Today’s task, baling hay. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. The big tractor didn’t work right so it was trusty old red.

292/366 – We haven’t had our pool opened in 2 years… last minute we decided to open it, so look what we spent the day doing… draining, cleaning, and now time to refill…

293/366 – Happy Father’s Day. My dad enjoying the company of his girls while cleaning saddles. While it may sound like work, he thoroughly enjoyed it.

294/366 – Full moon + summer solstice = Strawberry Moon. Won’t happen again for 46 yrs. (last time it happened, 1948)

295/366 – This is the cleanest I’ve seen this pool in a really long time. And you know, we decided to clean it/start filling it late… but we’re getting there slowly but surely.

296/366 – Another great group of kids at 5Mile this week. And that sunset… Gorgeous!

297/366 – Vanilla and Almond… what am I up to? Just know, someone has a birthday coming up… Oh the suspense is killing, right?

298/365 – I finally decided upon Abug’s birthday present… She got a few other things too, but this was the main feature 

299/366 – King Lion is stuck in a Christmas Tree, come help him!! Safari Hunt 2016 – Extreme Sports Scuba!!

300/365 – Happy second birthday baby girl. Daddy and I love you very much and it’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since you came into our lives! Some days it seems like yesterday and other days it seems like you’ve been here forever!

301/366 – There aren’t many sure things in this world. And even the smartest ideas may not pay off. Like Duck Commander Wine… or Phil and Si taking care of young impressionable girls. But the bottom line is, if you want an idea to succeed then you have to take risks. Because the only investments guaranteed not to pay off are the ones you never make. Duck Dynasty, Season 1, Episode 15

302/366 – Farmer’s Market, Monroe, Louisiana… Some day I’ll get paid to travel, so I have to start now by doing all the local stuff 

303/365 – Wednesday is donut day, so we went to get Addison a donut. In a round about way we wound up at the donut shop Haskell’s Donuts which is where Duck Dynasty hosted an episode with a donut eating contest. CRAZY! I swear, we weren’t hunting it down, it was a weird coincidence. (In fact, I don’t really watch Duck Dynasty… I know some of this stuff because of mom and dad)

304/366 – When it was decided I was headed to Louisiana, I was asked to bring back Shrimp and/or Crawfish (crawdad’s). Well Crawfish is out of season, but I still picked up some as well as shrimp.

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